Theatrical CATS Dancers and Interactive Roving Act
Location: Melbourne Victoria, Melbourne
Country: Australia

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Roving Interactive CATS to creep around your event space

Dancing CATS for a regal Night at the Theatre

In celebration of the 2020 release of CATS the Movie, why not theme your next event in celebration of this iconic Andrew Lloyd Webber (Poetry of T.S Elliot) musical.

Our Theatrical CATS will linger on your table and make themselves cozy where ever they see fit. These felines can sing (optional) and move better than most humans can, and it's enough to make anyone wish they lived in a Jellicle world. Book our medley as your event opener, adding a mystical theatrical element to your event. The choreography is inspired by CATS the movie and the musical. We also offer Bespoke options, simply ask!


  • 4 Minute Theatrical Medley Dance Show (inspired by CATS the musical, with music in theme and choreography in theme- cast of 4)
  • Bespoke show options
  • Flash mob show, commercial/pop music options available 
  • Roving Theatrical CATS, Interactive entertainment

These limber acrobatic Theatrical CATS would be a purrrfect addition to any Jellicle Ball. 

CATS commercial tailored Flash mob:  “Thank you thank you thank you all !!! I just wanted to pass on my sincere thanks to you all for creating an amazing event for Yarra Trams. It was a lot of preparation but also a lot of fun in creating such a fabulous event. Please see below formal feedback (amongst many other happy verbal comments too)” (Rebecca, Agent)

 Fun Facts you can share with your guests so they know how to interact with our Theatrical CATS.

1.       If your CAT is “meowing” it is because she’s hungry

2.       If you CAT is pawing at your legs it is because she wants attention

3.       You may be familiar with your cat bringing you presents, such as toys or small, dead animals. This is your cat’s way of showing love.

4.       When your cat knocks things over it can be two things, she is trying to get your attention and /or she is having fun. This is not just an accident! She just wants you to play with her.If your cat hisses or growls, that means she's angry and you should stay away!

5.       When a cat arches her back and puffs up she is making herself look bigger and scarier. 


Reasons to book this show concept:

·        Conservative costuming

·        Famous well known music from a brilliant musical

·        Suits any event with guests who adore interactive entertainment

·        Suitable for audiences who appreciate the Theatre

·        Suited to an older demographic given the shows theatrics. Can work in younger demographic events given the integration of Pop stars in the Movie.

·        The event space should be large if you are booking the medley dance number

·        Can include live vocals pending availability

·        No change of costume during the show so an event space does not need a change room close by. Eg: Aviary at Crown.

·        Roving Theatrical CATS can be booked in any event space. No room restrictions.


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