Location: Brisbane, Brisbane
Country: Australia

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Fancy a drag old chap?


The Drag Drivers are a slap stick comedy act who seem to have misplaced their drag racing automobile and like any good comic act, they work together creating priceless mayhem just to find the missing parts of their automobile which apparently travels so fast, it has even been known to leave its driver & occupants behind. Pretending to steer, while working the clutch at the same time using funny vocal sounds, the only obstacle that stands in their way is their back seat driving politics, very funny.

Delightfully entertaining, The Drag Drivers are an ideal entertainment package for meet and greets, roving and floor shows as they interact with patrons, stopping for photos and boosting the atmosphere of your event with comic ad lib and physical improvisation.

Floor Show:

Who's up for some Fruit Salad?...

Fruit Salad is a brilliant team building concept and activity, perfect for corporate and private functions alike as The Drag Drivers host and facilitate a jam packed full of fun 30min floor show involving music, a high energy competition and your team also has a chance to win a prize, thanks to your event organiser. Fruit Salad will have your staff, colleague & clients laughing, cheering and wanting more as The Drag Drivers can either reference the activity back to your workplace or not, depending on your needs and requirements. This concept is fun, challenging and a fantastic ice-breaker.

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