Ukrainian Cossack Dancers
Location: Perth
Country: Australia

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Ukrainian Cossack Dancers are available for any occasion:
  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Cabaret                                            
  • Festivals
  • Corporate Events                             
  • Christmas Parties

Ukrainian Cossack Dancers is currently comprised of 21 dancers (10 female, 11 male). Membership fluctuates from season to season, however our Troupe consistently averages between 17 to 23 dancers, with a mean age of 24.  Our non-performing Alumni currently numbers 47 people.
Ukrainian Cossack Dancers recognise that they have earned their distinction in the Perth dance community through the efforts of ALL their past dancers (Alumni).  As such, our ongoing commitment is to involve our Alumni in all aspects of our company, and archive their efforts for the appreciation of future dancers.

Some choose to dance because it provides them with a link to their Ukrainian ancestry, others because it provides them with an artistic outlet, others still because it provides them with a constructive social group of friends.  Our dance company is proudly Australian, and we thrive because of the multicultural freedom which Australian society, by far in general, have wholeheartedly embraced, and which they continue to support, and enjoy.
It must be understood that scores of individuals have been (and continue to be) involved in the instruction of Ukrainian dance in Perth , particularly to children, but to list them all is beyond the purpose of this article. We hope to provide a concise overview of the dates, events, and key people leading adult Ukrainian dance in Perth
Led by Alex McLean and Stephanie Ostaszewskyj-Parin since 1995 to this day. Representing the 'Next Generation' of Ukrainian dancers in Perth , they have bonded together a unique social group of individuals who continue to develop and enjoy Ukrainian cossack and Ukrainian folk dance. Recent highlights include mammoth performances at the Perth Entertainment Centre as part of the nationally televised 'Oz Concert', a celebration of Australia Day from its multicultural community. Roztiazhka also took part in Perth 's 'Dance Advance' concert, the highlight of the annual 'Dance Week', and a showcase of Perth 's leading dance companies.
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