Phoenix AFLAME
Location: Gold Coast, Brisbane
Country: Australia

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"Phoenix AFLAME" All-Fire Stage Spectacular

Exceptional fire performance choreographed to an energetic soundtrack. Gorgeous fire dancers with stunning costumes & charismatic smiles present shows featuring fire eating, fire dance routines, fire spinning, flaming fans, and the stunning flaming hula-hoop finale.  The unique "flaming drums" act can also be included in larger shows.  
Phoenix Fire Shows can be themed to suit your event eg "Flaming Rio Carnivale", "Bollywood Flames", "Rock Chix", "Twisted Cirque Cabaret", "Burlesque", "Moulin Rouge", "Thriller fire show", "Cirque Elegance" and many more...
These spectaular fire shows feature a range of unique fire acts & routines choreographed to their themed soundtrack.  The shows have been performed over a thousand times on stages in all the major venues in Brisbane, Sunshine & Gold Coast and the rest of SEQld as well as throughout the Whitsundays, along the Queensland coast and flown to events in Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore, Fiji.  Highly aclaimed everywhere it is performed this classy fire act adds wow factor, energy & a sizzling statement to any event!
A dynamic conference opener, a wonderous awards night feature, a Gala dinner spectacle, or welcome reception act, "Phoenix AFLAME" is a sure fire winner for any event!
Performing 4-5 times a week for over 10 years gives Phoenix the kind of experience you will not find elsewhere in fire performers.  The polish, professionalism & charisma of this troupe is second to none!
" Phoenix AFLAME" All-fire show
Spectacular fire acts choreographed to energetic CD soundtrack.  Acts include:
Flaming drums, fire wings, fire fingers opening (Fire Drums bookings of 5 performers or more only)
  • Flaming Fans Routine
  • Fire Bellydance
  • Fire Spinning routines
  • Fire eating routine
  • Flaming Hula-hoop finale
all set to CD backing track.
Format: 12min feature show
Team: 2-7 x fire performers
Requirements: sound system with CD player & operator, low lighting & clear performance space of 4x8m minimum (larger preferred).
Dressing room. 
Costume choices: hot flames, rio carnivale, tribal, arabian, bollywood, burlesque, moulin rouge, island paradise, matrix, hot rock chix, cirque elegance, pixies, club look, fire/ice, flaming cowgirls, nautical flames, pirate girls and loads more
Safety: Phoenix have an impeccable safety record after more than 10 years of full time performance. Risk assessments are done for every job, and full Public Liability Insurance cover is held for all acts.
For tribal-themed events Phoenix also offer a show set to live African Drumming called "Phoenix WILDFIRE", OR if your event could do with just a little added colour & atmosphere rather than a full choreographed feature show, Phoenix can be booked to perform FREESTYLE ROVING FIRE sets.
In addition to this fire show, the Phoenix team offer a range of visual & spectacle acts which can be performed by the same artists giving a great "package" for your event.  Fire Acts, Stilt Walking, Human Statues, Crystal Jugglers, Dancers, Showgirls, Models & Roving characters can be combined into an evening of ultimate spectale, sparkle & spice!
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