Dianne Edwards - Speaker
Location: Melbourne
Country: Australia

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Dianne has been a public speaker for 20 years. During this time she has worked for such bodies as the Victorian State Opera, Berry Street, ABC TV and in her own publicity company. She is also a published historian.

What Dianne offers is her vision for the 21st Century: what is ahead for us and the coping mechanisms which will be required.

She outlines how to develop mental stamina and resilience.

She addresses the technological revolution and what it means for your job; the incredible stress that families face both now and in the future while they are caught up in materialism and the emptiness of superficial success; and their loss of community.

She looks at our possible irrelevance in the future due to infotech, biotech and A1 and how we can carve out and create a new future using skills and coping mechanisms to reach our full potential.

In order to do this Dianne tunes into the “universal oneness”; the world of “infinite possibilities” to gain insight and understanding. While a-religious, Dianne respects all those who follow a religion.

The benefits to her audience are that they walk away with a greater understanding of what they will confront in the future and with a greater knowledge of how to find meaning and relevance as life moves on.

She addresses the issue of re-invention of oneself and the ‘Power Behind the Throne’: the ability to manifest all of your worldly requirements.

We must all honour ourselves, tune into our divinity, develop empathy, compassion and gratitude and liberate ourselves from suffering.

Her sessions close with a 10-minute meditation to the sound of the Japanese Shakuhachi Flute.

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