Tiffany Greene
Location: Sunshine Coast, Brisbane
Country: Australia

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Tiffany is a peaceologist and social entrepreneur. She works as a consultant, presenter, innovator and author. She is Founder and Director of the Peaceology Institute and The Gnome Project. She is a glutton for acquiring knowledge and has a passion for sharing it. She has 5 degrees under her belt, and is currently a PhD candidate at the Australian Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies (ACPACS), University of Queensland.

Tiffany is obsessed with experiencing life and the world around her. To date she has lived in 8 countries, has visited 48, and speaks 5 languages! Tiffany has worked for 15 years as an educator and leader, and blended all her personal, academic and professional experience into one overarching concept: nature as a crisis resource and peace-building tool.

Nature-Centred Approaches to Peacebuilding (NAP) is a unique concept that draws upon various academic fields, merges them teambuilding techniques, intermingles a dash of counseling, mediation, and self-healing, and fuses it all with a focus on play and peace. Tiffany is a passionate and dynamic award-winning speaker who will inform, captivate and motivate you. She has presented her concept at conferences worldwide.

Tiffany can provide enlightening presentations, workshops, seminars and training sessions. She highlighting how NAP can be incorporated into daily personal life, enhance corporate wellbeing, create community harmony, and improve wellbeing in applications as diverse as troubled youth to individuals in post-conflict scenarios. NAP is so all-encompassing sessions can be informative and serious, or lively, interactive and fun. Which format suits your needs?

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