Helen Tzouganatos
Location: Sydney
Country: Australia

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Helen Tzouganatos is Australia’s ‘Gluten Free Queen’. TV presenter, cookbook author, and food blogger, her gluten free journey started 12 years ago when she discovered she was coeliac whilst going through IVF.  With an acute lack of enjoyable gluten free options on the market, Helen began experimenting with recipes in her home kitchen.  This inspired her to create the ever popular ‘Hungry & Fussy’ blog which focuses solely on easy and accessible, delicious and nutritious gluten free recipes for the whole family.  Fast forward to now and she’s one of Australia’s go to experts in the gluten free space.  Her new TV series ‘Loving Gluten Free’, the first Gluten Free only TV series ever made in Australia, is one of SBS Food's most successful new commissions and her second cookbook ‘Easy Gluten Free’ is due for release in August 2020 with Pan Macmillan. 
Immediately eliminating gluten from her diet when she was diagnosed with coeliac at 32, it wasn’t long before she began to feel the benefits and notice her unexplained lethargy, anaemia, and stomach cramping since childhood disappear. She successfully went on to conceive two children through IVF and fell pregnant naturally with her third after 5 years on a gluten free diet, the exact length of time her doctor advised the body would require to heal itself from the damage caused by gluten.   
Helen’s own journey has inspired her to show others how they can benefit from a gluten free lifestyle, not just those with diagnosed with Coeliac but those with intolerances or anyone who would just like to reduce or eliminate their gluten intake.  Her food philosophy is centered around simple, fresh and flavoursome meals. Her gluten-free creations don’t compromise on taste or quality: you would have no idea her soft bouncy bread, moist cakes or fluffy meatballs are gluten-free.   
Helen lives, works and plays in Sydney with her husband and three daughters. 

Helen is Australia’s ‘Gluten Free Queen’, she will show you how to turn any dish into a flavoursome gluten-free alternative 

Television: ‘Loving Gluten Free’ SBS 2019 
Publishing: ‘Easy Gluten Free’ Pan Macmillan Aug 2020, ‘Hungry and Fussy’ Melbourne Books 2017 
Appearances: Peters of Kensington, Essential Ingredient  


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