Renowned for his lightning technique and exciting concert and cabaret performances, master guitarist Ziggy Zapata is a versatile entertainer who always knows how to please audiences to the utmost.

Sydney, NSW, Australia
He leads an interesting and busy life, as he is a highly qualified commercial pilot and is also heavily involved with amateur radio, electronics and computers. Click the links to explore Ziggy's world.

Known as the "Guitarist Extraordinaire" and showcasing intricate musical pieces in many interesting styles along with his own special humour and powerful singing, Ziggy Zapata has performed all over the world and knows how to entertain his audience with remarkable skill.

His speed and dexterity on the guitar always astounds and amazes lovers of this very challenging instrument and his creative arrangements makes Ziggy a most exciting entertainer.

With music ranging from Classics to Country and Western, Rock and Roll, Ballads, Folk Songs, hits from Musicals and songs in many languages, Ziggy Zapata keeps everybody jumping with unbounded energy, zany comedy and audience participation.

Ziggy's entertaining Band The Zaps provides high quality listening and dancing music before and after Ziggy's concert. The Zaps have a huge repertoire and really gets the audience moving.

For events such as corporate or promotional functions that do not require a band, Ziggy can perform his concert show as a fully self-contained package with electronic orchestral musical backing and his high quality sound system.

"The Guitar Magic of Ziggy Zapata" is a great way for Venues to provide an entertaining Dinner Cabaret night or a Concert variety show.

Well known "Guitarist Extraordinaire" concert artiste Ziggy Zapata also performs as a One Man Band for clubs, hotels, dances and private and corporate functions.

His many years of vast experience in music and show business means that Ziggy really knows how to entertain his audience with remarkable skill. His speed and dexterity on the guitar always astounds and amazes lovers of this very challenging instrument.

Ziggy's repertoire is huge, with music ranging from 50's Rock and Roll to present day hits, Ballads, Country and Western, Old Time, Folk Songs, Latin American, favourites from Musicals and songs in many languages. Virtually every musical taste can be accommodated, so each performance produces just the right result.

Using his high quality sound system, Ziggy always sounds great and produces the perfect atmosphere suitable for any occasion, whether it is quiet dinner music or driving dance beats.

Unlike many solo performers who use computerised equipment to provide their musical backing and who even mime instead of playing, Ziggy is a highly regarded guitar virtuoso who plays every note with no faking. Also if there is a piano available, Ziggy will always be pleased to play it.

FLYING HIGH is a very entertaining Duo that is eminently suitable for any event. Playing a wide variety of music from Rock and Roll, Country and Western and Ballads to Modern and Old Time hits and Instrumentals, FLYING HIGH can really make every occasion very special.

The anchor of FLYING HIGH, "Guitarist Extraordinaire" Ziggy Zapata has been a professional musician and entertainer for most of his life. Not only headlining his own concert and cabaret shows, Ziggy performs as the support act for many international artistes and has featured for decades on a host of famous cruise ships, including the US TV series "Love Boat" Pacific Princess. His amazing dexterity on the guitar always thrills his audiences and he can perform the most complicated music with ease.

Ziggy uses a variety of partners in FLYING HIGH, depending on the nature and requirements of the performance. From accomplished bass and keyboard players to well-known female vocalists, the Duo always captures the interest of audiences and sounds fabulous. In fact FLYING HIGH can be extended to a Trio, Quartet or larger Orchestra if required.

Many Duos hide their lack of musical ability by harnessing moooood

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