Judith Lucy is one of Australia’s most popular comedians.

Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Judith Lucy is one of Australia’s most popular comedians.

"The best stand up, sit down/lounge around comic I've seen" Sunday Age, Melbourne

Her work in radio, television, film and her sell out national tours have made Judith Lucy a household name.

The Late Show. She did a tour of duty on Triple J and was a regular on Martin/Molloy. Her live stage shows have been what has set Judith apart. Since her 1996 hit, King Of The Road Judith has been a regular fixture on the live scene, selling out big rooms with her sharply observed and honest personal monologues.

"Lucy's delivery is martini dry, her perspective ironic and her honesty uncompromising, King Of The Road is marvellous" The Age, Melbourne

In 2004 Judith Lucy was announced as the host of the 2DAY-FM Breakfast Show in Sydney, and was famously demoted and sacked the following year, which became the subject of Judith’s biggest tour yet, I Failed, which toured Australia in 2006.

"It's not laugh a minute, it is bucket loads of laughs per minute... She is fast, she's clever and most of all Lucy is very, very funny" Sunday Telegraph, Sydney

Judith can now be seen mainly in text form contributing features and columns to the likes of The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald and Madison Magazine. Judith is working on her first book to be published by Penguin.

"very, very funny... Lucy rules supreme" Herald Sun, Melbourne

" Has to be seen to be believed" Herald Sun, Melbourne

"This show is absolutely A grade; it would be a crime if there were any unsold seats this season." The Age, Melbourne

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