"GATSBY GOLD" THE GREAT GATSBY DANCERS: Hats and canes, fringes and fun! What’s more evocative than a flapper-era floor show? Bring back the excitement of the 1920s, ideal for any corporate or private event.

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1920's Charelston Dancers, Flappers Dancers and 1920's Gangsta dancers.

In honour of the release of 'The Great Gatsby', Theme your event to the extravagant era of the Roaring '20's.

Hats and canes, fringes and fun!  What’s more evocative than a flapper-era floor show?  Bring back the excitement of the 1920s and celebrate your event in the style of gangsters and flappers. This theme is vibrant, fun and tasteful; ideal for any corporate or private event looking for a fabulous, decadent theme, a theme that only gets better with age...


These fun, quirky floor shows are perfect for your flappers-themed 1920s evening. They are cheeky, eccentric, enjoyable and interactive. Our dancers are all delicately dressed in authentically styled costuming, and really know how to entertain your guests - relive the glamour, joie de vivre, outrageousness and opulence of the most exciting decade in the 20th Century...The Roaring '20's.

SHOW OPTIONS for you to choose from: 

Option 1: Flashmob Gatsby Floorshow 

Option 2: Gatsby Gold- 2 x floorshows over a two hour call time. 

Option 3: Gatbsy Silver Set Show- 20 minute show complete with a vocalist

Option 4: Gatsby Bronze show- 10 minute floorshow, Singer optional. Can be done with a small cast.

Option 5: Add on a 'Meet and Greet' with the dancers.

Opton 6:  Soultry Soul, Jazz Vocalist. Fabulous to have as your guests arrive in the foyer. 



30 minutes meet and greet plus a 6 minutes flash mob show.

How it works..

Two girls in 1920s show girl outfits welcome your guests whilst two undercover flash mob waiters circulate amongst your guest.  Suddenly, out of nowhere, our two 'waiters' grab the show girls and the flash mob floor show begins…The Flash Mob show itself is a two song, 6 minute show, and if we have availability, we can add a final surprise to the show as our live vocalist makes her grand entrance in an elaborate show girl outfit and sings "A Little Party Never Killed Nobody" whilst involving your whole party in the festivities.

Your guests will then be encouraged to take to the floor and dance with our cast members for a two song encore.



2 floorshows over a two hour period plus 30 minutes meet and greet WITHIN the 2 hour call time. Each show is 7 minutes in length. Main show description as mentioned in brief.

A cast of 5-8 recommended

We can customise and alter the show order to your exact requirements.  Please provide us with a brief rundown of your event details and allow our choreographer to suggest a tailored package for you.


ACT ONE: Flappers and Fun. (male and female mixed)

(approx 7 minutes long)

Our show begins with the very well known dance from the 1920s, The Charleston. These quirky dancers, dressed in black, fringed outfits, enter the room with the traditional, high energy Charleston dance, moving in a group to the main stage where they playfully dance The Charleston. The mood then shifts to a sultry solo vocalist singing Where the wind blows, where a stunning solo vocalist roves in between your guests serenading your guests and creating a little flirtatious comic relief to remember. Finishing with some fun, the floorshow builds to a climax, celebrating the Roaring '20s with an upbeat, commercial Charleston routine to the new rendition of Crazy In Love from The Great Gatsby.

ACT TWO: Gangstas and Grins

(approx 7 minutes long)

This section of the show opens with the fabulous Puttin' On The Ritz, a playful show routine with the ubiquitous hats and canes and incorporating faux tap dancing, humour and optional interaction with your guests. Puttin' On The Ritz is a timeless classic written and published in 1929 by Irving Berlin, from the 1930 musical of the same name. The title derives from the American slang expression, referring to people who would dress up very fashionably and socialise at the swanky Ritz Hotel...kind of Gangnam Style for the '20s. The original version of Berlin's song makes mocking reference to the fad of the time of the flashily-dressed, but poor, black Harlemites who would parade up and down the infamous Lenox Avenue (now known as Malcolm X Boulevard), true to the lyrics in the song: "Spending ev'ry dime / For a wonderful time".

Our show then shoots forward to the present-day release of The Great Gatsby and the track Bang Bang; a song that fuses the '20s with the ‘now’. Finishing on an upbeat high, A Little Party Never Killed Nobody, another Great Gatsby release, our performers continue the gangster feel with an energetic ‘commercial dance’ style routine. The dancers will also offer your guests to opportunity to dance with them at the conclusion of the routine, and encourage them to experience the feel, fun and flair of the 1920s .



Must include a vocalist.

One complete, full show. This our MOST popular show as it has everything and is full of fabulous costume changes, colour and fun and take us right through form the traditional Charleston to the modern music given to us by the new “Great Gatsby” Film in 2013, leaving everyone up and dancing by the finale of this spectacular! This show incorporates most of the costuming in the photos given.

5 -8 Artists recommended

One 20 minute approx minute act/show for your event.

Your guests will then be encouraged to take to the floor and dance with our cast members for a song or two encore.



This show entwines the fun and fringing of the flappers from the unique and liberated Roaring '20s and the glamorous Fred Astaire image that brought a touch of hope and a great deal of style and class to the depression era of the 1930s. We incorporate music from the new Baz Luhrmann film, The Great Gatsby and also other renditions of the great 1920s style music. This is our most popular show for those who would love the wow factor without an overly generous budget.

One single show spectacular. This is one of our most popular package and is usually performed with or without a vocalist.

A 10 minute approx. show.

3-8 artists



Roving beauties and beaus before the show to meet, greet and take stunning pictures with your guests upon arrival. These artists can also rove without booking the show to simply decorate your event if that is all you are looking for.

You can book the '20s glamour guys and gals to decorate your event. You can position the Roving models around your venue, or have them roving throughout. They also look great at the entrance of your venue/event or around casino tables. Feel free to instruct them as you please (within reason, of course).

30minutes-1 hour as guests arrive is recommended.



10—30 minute Set Available.

Our 1920s Jazz Bar vocalist is the perfect to set the mood of your dinner or special event right from the start. Beginning early in the evening or in between the shows at meal time: our beautiful, sultry lounge singer will perform either one or two sets singing softly in the background to backing tracks.

1.       Feeling Good

2.       At Last

3.       Embraceable You

4.       Valerie

5.       Son Of A Preacher Man

6.       Back to Back

7.       Where the wind blows

….and many more..

You can also hire the vocalist with backup dancers, roving girls. The dancers will sway to the “Soultry Souls” smooth vocals and lounge around the venue to decorate and enhance the glamorous of the gorgeous live vocalist entertaining your guests. This can take place at any point during the evening.

2 dancers and the singer:

20-40 minute set available.


Video snippets of live shows can be provided upon request.


If you wanted to celebreate the 20s but wanted to steer way from the Great Gatsby, we can assist! Book our Roaring 20s Dancers.....

Complete Description of our '1920s Chicago tribute - Charleston and Vaudeville dancers' Floor Show:

Chicago is a 1920s musical set in prohibition-era Chicago. The story is a satire on corruption in the administration of the Criminal Justice system relating to criminal cases involving celebrities. The musical is based on actual criminals and crimes that were reported on by journalist, Maurine Dallas Watkins. Maurine follows and reports on the 1924 trials of the murderesses, Beulah Annan and Belva Gaertner for the Chicago Tribune.

Bob Fosse choreographed the original production but then it was brought back in the mainstream eyes of millions with the Academy Award winning film version in 2002, directed by Rob Marshall. The musical took life once again and has been very popular recently, as the 1920s theme is a fun, theatrical show for any event.

The Story and journey of our Vaudeville Floor show:

Our show begins with the very well known dance from the 1920s, the ‘Charleston’. These quirky dancers, dressed In black fringed outfits, enter the room with the traditional, high energy, Charleston dance moves collecting in a group on the main stage, where they playfully do ‘the Charleston’.

In line with the musical ‘Chicago’, the show presents Velma Kelly, the Vaudevillian seductress, who murdered  both her husband and her sister when she found them in bed together, as she sings “All That Jazz”.

The show then moves on to display the various ladies in their cells, who have been found guilty of killing their lovers, including chorus girl, Roxie Hart, who murdered her lover, nightclub regular, Fred Casely.  The girls show their aggression and denial in the comedic dance/mime number “The Cell Block Tango”.

Our Vaudevillian, Velma's,  trial date arrives and her lawyer attempts to mitigate her worries by suggesting that everything will be just fine if she makes a ‘show’ of it all and is prepared to give 'em the old “Razzle Dazzle”.  This dance is performed as the grand finale and is performed with hats and canes and some ‘mime tap dancing’.  One big dance number to finish the show!


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