A human sized Snow Globe with your choice of either a Dancing Christmas Angel or White Ballerina inside. Creates a beautiful visual effect at any event. Can be performed as a roving act or an installation.

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

A human sized snow globe, 2 metres in diametre, with your choice of either a Dancing Angel or White Ballerina.

The dancer moves through the crowd inside the giant globe, stopping to perform a 'mini dance show' on pointe. The ballerina in a ball creates a beautiful visual effect.

The White Ballerina is suitable for any event all year round and comes with a beautiful white lace tutu and pearl tiara. The Dancing Angel is perfect for any Christmas themed event and beautifully costumed, including white ostriche-feather wings.


This act would be suitable for:

  • Shopping Centres
  • Dance Halls
  • Corporate events
  • Product launches/ promotions
  • Weddings/ celebrations
  • Children and family events and festivities.


  • Requires back-stage area with access to a power point for inflating and deflating the ball as close to the performance area as possible.
  • No doors less than 2.1m wide
  • Smooth flat surface required - eg polished concrete, floorboards, tiles. No gravel or steep slopes.
  • This act comes with a chaperone who helps inflate the ball and is on hand for safety reasons.
  • This is a roving/roaming act, meaning it is performed by roaming through a crowd who are up and mingling. This act is not performed on stage in front of a seated audience (that would be a stage act and is available at a higher price).
  • As a roving act, this act does not come with music but is performed to any music or band playing at the venue.


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