The Garden is a giant interactive performance installation. A unique landscape environment, based on prehistoric Australian flora.

Sydney, NSW, Australia

The Garden premiered at the 2000 Melbourne International Festival of the Arts and appeared at Sydney's Olympic Park for the Summer Fun festival, 2001. The Garden also featured at the 2001 Tauranga Arts Festival, New Zealand. The show has been seen in a site-specific context on Rodd Island, Parramatta River, and has appeared as an installation environment for ACON, Premier's Department (QLD) and for the National Museum.

Inhabited by giant stilt-walking insects, an aerial Red Back spider complete with web and ERTH gardeners, The Garden performances are a live interpretation of biological dramas. Performances are accompanied by original live music, composed especially for The Garden. Following shows, audiences can step into The Garden to examine details for themselves.

Originating from Insectascape, performed atop the Sydney Opera House, The Garden grew following consultation with Mary E. White, author of The Greening of Gondwana.

The Garden is a uniquely Australian project which draws inspiration from the Gondwana period, when Australia was part of a much larger land mass incorporating all of our neighbouring countries and islands.

Growing in The Garden are Calamites, Cycads and Lycopods, ancient swampland vegetation that grew on the landmass known as Gondwana, from the Devonian to Carboniferous eras (400 ­ 200 million years ago).

Calamites, or Giant Horsetails, with their bamboo like stalk segmentation , are ancestors of still existing but smaller varieties.

Cycads are the ancestors of Xanthorea or Grass trees.

Lycopods, such as Giant Clubmosses or Cylomeia, are distinguished by their lizard or pineapple skin trunk.

The Garden includes fantastic performance elements as well as being a visually powerful art installation.

Appeals to all ages and cultural backgrounds.

15m x 15m minimum performance area
Works best in sheltered outdoor urban locations. Three rigging points needed for the spider web. Performance time is 30 minutes. Up to 10 performances per week. Maximum of 2 performances per day. Garden can be performed both outdoors and indoors during the day or evening with lighting. Pre tour site visit required for two people to approve site and rigging requirements. Lighting, Sound and final rigging requirements to be confirmed on confirmation of site and performance times.

Total weight maximum 900 kgs.

International: Air: 2 standard 'lower deck' sized standard air freight pallets (ref:P1P/PAG/PAP/PAJ). Sea: One small shipping container.

Domestic: Contact us.

Two days for Rigging. One day to set up Garden Total Two Days. Pre tour site inspection or video and pictures required to approve site and establish rigging requirements.

9: 6 performers, 1 musician, 1 Rigger/performer and 1 tour manager.

9 Single Rooms

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