The millennium's new face of Classical Music

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Since bursting onto the scene in 2008, these musical darlings are changing the way we look at classical music for good. Where the concert hall is transformed to a nightclub, concert blacks are replaced with glitter and lace and musical virtuosity is at it’s apex, Ilythian are without question giving birth to a new era of classical music. Circus troupes... pole dancers... a fire-breathing violinist... virtuosity... mayhem. All to the music one of this century’s most distinctive young composers, Chloé Charody.

This is the show that has left audiences and critics dumbfounded. “It’s almost frightening to surmise just how good they can be...” - THE DAILY TELEGRAPH The extraordinary talents of this slightly quirky troupe have been recognised by some of the world’s top classical musicians including the incomparable Nigel Kennedy. Ilythian’s violinist Sonja Schebeck is currently sharing the stage in concert halls across Europe with Mr Kennedy in his current world tour.

According to Kennedy Schebeck is a ‘“ real muther****erette of a player”. The pair met at The Basement when Kennedy was last in Sydney. After wowing Kennedy with her exceptional violin playing, Schebeck was then invited to perform with Kennedy both throughout Australia and then Europe.

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