CIRCUS CIRCUS AFRICA, Is the high class African acrobatics from ETHIOPIA. We are proud to present the best of AFRICAN CIRCUS ENTERTAINMENT for all kind of events.

West Gojam, Bahir dar, OTH, Ethiopia

CIRCUS CIRCUS AFRICA - is a family entertainment, at it's the best of African circus Entertainment. We are a collective spectacular circus entertainers direct from Africa, to form a high energy show featuring with death defying acts, thrilling acrobatics, exiting music’s, colorful costumes and stunning choreography are some of the reasons we keep the audiences on the edge of their seats.

The acrobats of Circus Circus Africa, are a highly trained, super skilled and highly accomplished acrobatic troupe. We are talented and disciplined athletes who have entertained the world by performing an awe-inspiring spectacle leaving audiences amazed and delighted. The Circus Circus Africa troupe makes shows with a fusion of rich culture of Africa combining with traditional to modern dance. Our circus is a unique African circus which combines talent from different parts of African countries to keep the diversity of the culture and originality of the hall show.

This fiery, fast-pace show utilize African choreography with colorful costumes and set of design to create a swirling and dazzling kaleidoscope of dance and astonishing acrobatic feats sure to captivate audiences of all ages. This entertaining and talented group has wowed the audiences around the globe. '' The children will find their paradise here in cirque Africa." Our outstanding abilities are packed or separate into a show with full of costumes and exciting music.

We are not only just a show of our amazing strength dynamic speed, balance, and character. Our performance is overflowing with showmanship making the audience wow. So if you are looking for circus group and wishing to have unforgettable event, Here you are in the right place for the best African circus entertainment.

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