The world famous aerial family brother and sister team

Brisbane, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

The Flying Lotahs High Wire Motorbike Spectacular

Clive Lotah – has taken the breathtaking acts of trapeze, tightwire as well as motor-cycling to new dimensions and dizzying heights of excitement, by incorporating all three together into a singular excitingly spectacular highwire - trapeze - motorbike act.

The act is performed by Clive Lotah actually balancing and riding a motor-cycle up a slanted cable which stretches from the ground to the top of a high tower some two hundred feet away. All this time, Ella is precariously balanced upon her trapeze bar which is actually slung below the motorbike.

Upon reaching its maximum height, Clive brings the motorbike to a standstill, whereupon Ella brings her daring solo trapeze routine high in the sky without any safety nets, safety devices or gimmicks whatsoever.

While Ella is performing her exciting trapeze act, Clive still atop the motorbike has been keeping both bike and trapeze balanced by constantly adjusting to Ella’s every movement below, by positioning his weight to keep the trapeze bar as f1at as possible to allow Ella to perform in relative safety. Not only has Clive been keeping all this apparatus in a precarious balance – he has also been performing his own balancing routine, climaxing with an actual handstand atop the motorbike while below, Ella is balancing on her back on top of the trapeze bar.

Never a family to rest on its laurels, the ”Flying Lotahs” continually strive for the ultimate presentation – THIS ACT HAS IT ALL - costumes, danger, pyrotechnics and daring!


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