Henna For You
Glamourise your hands & Body

Westmead, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Beautiful, Exotic Henna art & temporary tattoo designs to adorn your hands & body. Henna For You designs are Custom Hand Drawn. The term henna, refers to a shrub which has been used for centuries as body art and for health effects. The term mehndi, refers to the art of applying henna. Having been prevalent for many centuries, application of henna has many useful health effects. It cools, conditiones and calms the body. 


Hen's Night out

Looking for something exciting to do on your hen's night out, try a henna party. Lot of varied design ideas provided.  Have loads of fun relaxing with your friends and relax bollywood style.

Bridal Henna:

Want to add more glamour to your memorable day. Book for a bridal henna. Designs can be custom hand draw, to suit your individual needs, and can range from simple designs, to most intricate master pieces. Package can be catered to henna the family members & guests of the wedding.

Baby showers

What a fun way to have a baby shower ! get hennaed on your tummy and relax, the henna calms and takes out the heat of the body, wonderful therapeutic way to relax, bubs always enjoy mum being hennaed, you do get a few kicks or more !. Designs are also provided for other guests.

Kid Parties

Planning your kid's birthday party, and looking for  fresh ideas to entertain, are u determined to make this party memorable than the previous one ! Why not try a henna party, kids & parents are delighted alike to get tattooed, full instructions provided, all materials supplied. Options available for kids who are allergic as well.

Corporate Parties:

Book a corporate henna party: Wonderful way to reward your employees, or to add bling to a special launch or to add more fun to the cultural events held. Have experience working with corporate clients like ING DIRECT, TRAVEL INDO CHINA, OPPORTUNITY INTERNATIONAL. All materials, and design books provided.

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