Amazing Johnathan, dubbed "The Freddy Krueger of Comedy," has become one of the most original and bizarre acts to emerge from this era.

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Amazing Johnathan

Amazing Johnathan, dubbed "The Freddy Krueger of Comedy," has become one of the most original and bizarre acts to emerge from this era. His fast paced razor wit and tornado-like approach to magic has made him legendary throughout the world.

He has had more appearances on TV then any comic/magician in history and is a regular on such shows as Late Night with David Lettermen, Entertainment Tonight and HBO. He's also had three of his own half-hour specials on Comedy Central. His "Lounge Lizard" Special is one of the highest rated specials of all time for that network. Johnathan also hosted "Ruckus" for NBC, which is a game show he helped create with Merv Griffin.  It can now be seen on The Game Show Network.     Despite his TV career appearances, AJ's true passion is the LIVE shows. Rolling Stone Magazine named him, "one of the top road comics working today." His other credits include performing for President Regan, winning "Comic Magician of the Year" twice in the World Magic Awards, and recently he was named "Comedian of the Year" in Las Vegas for 2002.   

In the past few years, The Amazing Johnathan has made Las Vegas his new playground. AJ has taken the show in new directions. He has made the show much larger and has added his assistant Psychic Tanya... Increasing the production value has enabled him to take Vegas by storm, making him one of the Strip's main headliners.

In 2001-02, AJ literally turned the dying Downtown section of Vegas back into a viable entertainment scene with his record-breaking number of sold out shows at The Golden Nugget. The Review Journal dubbed AJ "The Savior of Downtown." and he's made it into the prestigious "Top 10 Vegas Shows To See" list. Johnathan left The Nugget in 2003 for a one-yea Downtown" because he brought the entertainment scene back to Fremont Street where it had been dead for the past 10 years. He was also recently awarded "Comedian of the Year" and made it into the prestigious "Top 10 Vegas

This year Johnathan signed the biggest money deal in Las  Vegas history with the MGM Grand to return to the Nugget. The Nugget was then sold off by the corporation to two Internet kids who have never run a casino.  They breached AJ's contract and The Riviera picked it up almost immediately. Johnathan's revenge on the Nugget came in the form of a FOX TV reality series which followed the exploits of these two newbies trying to run the Nugget and instead turning it into a whorehouse. It was one of the worst shows ever aired and was totally scripted.  Even though it was seen by hundreds of people each week, Fox cancelled the show. The showroom is now back to it's nonprofit state.

Johnathan's new home on the Strip is The Riveara Hotel and the beautiful La Cage Theater. Shows are everynight but Thursdays  at 10:00 and the box-office number is 877-892-7469.  He is having great fun and terrific audiences and the room suites him perfectly.

Norm Clarke, the Entertainment Reviewer for The Review Journal just named AJ number one in the Top 10 list of The Funniest Act on the Strip. Come see why!

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