Colin's stand up comedy is fast, furious and funny.

London, OTH, United Kingdom
You've probably seen Colin Cole before. A veteran of the Melbourne comedy circuit and frequent tourer of Australia and the world, it's pretty hard to miss him. BIG Col (to his friends, "Sir" to the rest) is also an accomplished actor, having earned several spots on national prime time television. His versatility makes him a much sought-after performer - with the greatest of ease he can slip from a gentle giant character into an intimidating hell-raiser. Colin's stand up comedy is fast, furious and funny. It appeals to all ages (although broadmindedness is-a prerequisite) and is definitely not for the faint hearted. The content is continually updated, and delivered in a style that belongs only to Colin Cole. Just take a look at his track record .... Television Shows ...
  • The Comedy Company
  • Max Gillies Show
  • Sex with Sophie Lee Midday
  • Bingles
  • Hey Hey It's Saturday
  • Tonight Live
Comedy Venues ...
  • Comedy Cafe, Melbourne
  • Le Joke & Last Laugh,
  • Melbourne Hilton
  • Comedy Club, Melbourne
  • Pockets Comedy Club, Canberra
  • The Unicorn, Perth
  • Comedy Store, Perth
  • Comedy Store, Sydney
Special Appearances ...
  • Essendon Football Club
  • Fitzroy Football Club
  • Footscray Football Club
  • Footscray University (Sydney)
  • Swinburne College, Melbourne
  • Canberra University

Comedy Tours ...

  • Various tours of Australia
  • 4 years extensive touring in the United States and Canada, including Los Angeles, Seattle
  • Chicago, Washington Vancouver, Hawaii

 Now based in London

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