If you thought Crocodile Dundee was a scream, just wait until you meet his half-Croc cousin... Crocodile Dopey!

Brisbane, QLD, Australia

A few croc's short of Kakadu they claim or maybe a few more according to others. One thing is for certain, there's no other like him and he's 100% unique and worthy of a wholesome laugh.

With his plastic blow up Crocodile on his back, Croc Dopey delivers straight forward Australian humour that can only be described as a pure send up of Ocker Australians.  Very similar costume to Paul Hogan's character, Mick Dundee and equally entertaining.

History of bookings:

Private and corporate functions, Events, Team building seminars, MC centre stage, Stand-up, Commercial spruiking, Malls, Themed events, Oh and of course...Weddings as long as the groom is aware he may have some stiff Australian competition on his hands.


Croc Dopey is a perfect character for Country festivals, TV appearances, Voice overs, Meet and greets, Theatre restaurants, Corporate tour groups, Exhibitions, stand-up and MC centre stage.

About the Artist:

Mark Theodossiou is the artist behind Crocodile Dopey and as an actor by trade, stand-up comic, lyricist, motivational speaker, street theatre specialist, presenter and voice artist; Mark has spent many hours perfecting and pollishing this humerously entertaining character.

He has a thoroughly professional approach to his work and is always willing to extent himself artistically to ensure his clients satisfaction.

Having acted professionally since 1998, Mark has a wealth of theatrical experience as well as an array of other colourful characters to amuse and delight audience of all ages.

If you're seeking a high energy, fun-loving and versatile performer, book Mark today!


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