For the 15th consecutive year students can see one of the CBCA shortlisted "Picture Book of the Year" books brought to life on stage as a full stage musical.
Book title to be announced April 2014.

Rural and Metro, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Hobart, Brisbane, VIC, Australia

Children's Book Council of Australia

2009 Picture Book of the Year Shortlisted

Nobody Owns the Moon

Primary: Prep/Kinder - Grade 6

Duration: 40 minutes + question and answer time
Key Learning Areas: Drama, dance, music, SOSE.
In the tradition of the sell-out shows The Night Garden, Water Witcher and Irving the Magician, Tony Bones Entertainment will perform Nobody Owns the Moon, for Years Prep/Kinder to 6 and Audrey of the Outback for Years 4 to 8. The books will come to life with original music, song & dance, thrilling drama, puppetry and comedy.
  • Audience encouraged to interact and participate.
  • Clever costume characters.
  • Different dramatic genre covered throughout the show including: puppetry, narrative, music theatre, pantomime, slow motion scene, dance class and game show.
  • Curriculum linked with lesson plans.
Captivate student’s imagination by booking a performance on your day of choice today.
About the book Nobody Owns the Moon
By Tohby Riddle, published by Penguin Books Australia
Clive Prendergast is a fox with a regular job and a place to call home. His friend Humphrey is a struggling donkey with no fixed address. Life in the city is a mixed bag for these two, but a special-looking blue envelope is about to change everything - at least for one wonderful night.
Set in a bustling big city, Nobody Owns the Moon is a whimsical story about friendship and belonging.
Adapted and directed by Tony Appleby B.Ed for Tony Bones Entertainment.
Music by Tony Appleby, Luke Hunter & Tim Smith

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