Offers strategies for primary students to combat bullies in a stage musical format.

Rural and Metro, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart, Canberra & surrounds, VIC, Australia

Children's Anti-Bullying Show

2010 Season - Term 1 & 2

Original script by Tony Appleby B.Ed.
Music by Tony Appleby, Tim Smith (Dip.Ed) & Luke Hunter (Dip.Ed)
Grades: Kinder/Prep - Grade 6
Duration: 50 minutes

Key Themes: Bullying, racism, problem solving, fitting in, self image.

Key Learning Areas: Drama, music, dance, student welfare.
Music Styles: Pop, country, rap, swing, robo techno, jazz, march, operatic, reggae, rock.
Bellamy the young Bison Bull loves his enclosure at the zoo, but not the other Bison Bulls who bully him!!
Being the focus of the “Bully Bull-Ring” is tough for a young Bison when none of the adult herd seem to notice. Name calling, being left out & getting roughed up have become part of everyday life.
How much can one Bison bare??
Join Bellamy as he escapes his enclosure & travels the zoo learning the animal kingdom’s solution to bullying.
Will he “Rise Above It” like a Giraffe, use the “Camouflage” of a Zebra, or find a “Better Buddy” like the Polar Bear? Which way works best?
The characters all perform their own song & dance numbers to help Bellamy understand different approaches to resolving the issues of bullying. With lesson plans & question time incorporating the ideals of programmes such as “You Can Do It” & “Better Buddies” just to name a few.  
It includes:  
  •  a low portable stage – 30 cm high, 4 meters wide, 2 meters deep
  • full sound system suitable for audiences up to 400 students per session 
  • stage lighting
  • free standing back drop curtain
  •  audience area marked out by the performers
  • 10 song & dance numbers in 10 different music styles, 7 of them promoting different anti-bullying strategies
  • 2D puppetry of Bellamy’s bullying brothers
  • 11 different costume characters
  • debrief & question time with the performers after the show.

An interactive show where students are actively encouraged to participate, including joining in on:

  • a “Robot Dance Class”
  • a “Sound off’
  • being the jungle for Bellamy to hide from his attackers
  • a song where six students are asked on stage to play “air guitar” and “air drums” in the Lion Pack Rock Band
  • a song where five students reveal the five foundations of “You Can Do It” on flash cards during the Orangutan song.


Birchip P-12 School, VIC
“Rarely do we have the calibre of performers as we did with Tony and Laura in “Bully Bull-Ring”. Their performance was entertaining, educational and professional.... A superb presentation – truly captivating and very meaningful, portrayed in a fun way... Excellent performance. Very engaging. Would highly recommend to others... Your performance was outstanding. The best we’ve had in years!! The quality of acting performance and character portrayal, combined with a variety of music genres contributed to this excellent show. The messages were clear to all from P – 6 and the humorous ‘asides’ engaged the senior primary students and staff. I would highly recommend this professional performance to others.. Both students and staff responded most enthusiastically to “Bully Bull-Ring”. The performance was very professional – excellent music and singing, tremendous costumes and a strong message which was clearly understood. This was most evident in the post performance discussion I had with my Grade 5/6 students!”
Sacred Heart PS, Mt Druitt, NSW
"Thank you for presenting such a great show... Relaxed presentation with great jokes. Great singing!! Audience participation was enjoyable. Good use of questioning students throughout the performance. Good costumes (variety of animals)... It was a great performance... It was great. The kids enjoyed it. Excellent... A great way to cover a tricky topic... Entertaining for the children and lots of fun... Bullying strategies were really helpful and clever."

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