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Sydney, NSW, Australia

One of the most favorite contestants on X-Factor Australia, Bella Ferraro has been able to quickly create a loyal fan base with multiple fan operated Webpages thriving. The 18-year-old contestant from Sydney dropped out of school earlier this year in order to do something with her life. Moreover, what better to do than to compete on the X-Factor?

Ever since her 'Skinny Love' auditions, Bella Ferraro had gained everyone's attention. Her rendition of Birdy's Skinny Love quickly became viral, with fans sending each other videos of her cover on their computers and smart phones. Contestants had her marked as the one to beat. As the saying goes, to be the best, you need to beat the best...and Bella Ferraro is indeed one of the best. Not only is she popular with the fans, she has also made an impression with the judges, and the other contestants. Ferraro's laid back attitude has allowed her to view the talent show as a place to discover herself, and not just to compete.

She has managed to make real friends amongst the other competitors. Bella has said, "I'm supporting their careers so I'm more than happy to come away without the main prize." This shows that she is focused on her own career, and wants to achieve her own dream. This is not about winning some prize for her, but to actually realize her dream. Usually X-Factor winners win a recording contract, and end up releasing their albums within months. However, Bella wants to do this her own way, and that does not include an album that is released so soon. She wants to take time to discover her own unique music style.

Bella Ferraro's unique talent has impressed everyone again and again. First, it was her audition, and then it was her astonishingly moving performances of '99 Red Balloons' and The Temper Trap's 'Sweet Disposition.' The performances were so heartfelt that Bella Ferraro received a standing ovation from the judges. Even Mel B called her vocals 'Killer.' Guy said, “That was something that I will never forget. That was special. That creative was so awesome. I just completely came out of my body then, and I was in another place.” This indeed is how strong Ferraro's performances are. She has been able to quickly become a fan and judge favorite to win the show and go all the way.

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