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Location: Perth, Western Australia
Country: Australia

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Samantha Jade as seen on X Factor

Samantha Jade is not a new name in the music industry. She has written tracks for the likes of Jojo and Ashley Tisdale. However, her real shot to fame came in the shape of X Factor Australia. She was even involved in the title track of Step Up with Wyclef Jean. As can be expected, Samantha Jade is a professional and acts and conducts herself with the decorum that is expected with such experience. She entered X Factor Australia by singing The Script’s ‘Breakeven’. The song was so heartfelt and beautifully sung that it made Judge Sebastian Guy tear up.

When Samantha Jade sang Katy Perry’s ‘Wide Awake’, Judge Keating went so far as to say ‘I'm going to get in trouble for saying this but that was better than Katy Perry.’ This shows the extent of her talent. Being able to live up to an amazing singer’s hype and to do their music justice is not easy. So, when it comes to performing their music even better than what they did themselves, it is very near impossible. However, Samantha Jade was able to accomplish this. In fact, it seems that with every performance, she seems to be surprising everyone even further.

Samantha Jade won a talent show at nine after she sang ‘Amazing Grace’ with a strength and harmony that was described as ‘mesmerizing.’ When she was only 16, Jade was able to get a break when her song ‘Secret Love’ got noticed and got picked to be performed by Jojo as Shark Tale’s title song. The animated feature film went on to become a huge hit, making ‘Secret Love’ famous as well. However, the songwriting is only a little part of what Samantha Jade can do.

Samantha Jade is considering releasing a studio album once she is finished with X Factor. She states her musical influences as Beyonce, Mariah Carey and Robyn. Her main style of singing is contemporary rock/pop, and her music appeals to teenagers as well as those who are a little older. Her music has its own unique element of beauty and purity that few others have shown on the reality show. As Samantha hoped, she has been able to gain a lot from the experience of X Factor. She is willing to learn from wherever she can, and has taken this opportunity to learn more about music, and discover her own self as an artist.

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