Benny the Balloonist will make massive sculptures right in front of you. It will be a lot of fun for every one and people get to take home a personalised hand crafted sculpture. This will ensure your event will be remembered.

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Benny the Balloonist has been studying the art of moulding and folding rubber for years. A passionate and funny entertainer Benny will make hats and elaborate sculptures (no dogs that look like sausages here) so exciting and colourful that everyone will want to hold on to them forever. Contact me to find out how you can spread your message or brand with the use of balloons. Ideal for for corporate events, festivals, and all age parties. Centrepieces can also be commissioned as a fancy focus for any event. Some previous sculptures include 5' tall St George Dragons, StarWars space ships, life size Simpson's figures as well as a dress for the Aria awards.

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