The Amazing Mr Fish presents a circus, comedy, mime extravaganza.

StKilda, Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Mr Fish is performing in Europe till March 2014
The Amazing Mr Fish presents a circus, comedy, mime extravaganza. Not since the vaudevillians of yesteryear have so many skills been seen in one amazing show, and not even they could do it with a fish down their trousers. For the finale of the show Mr Fish rides a 10ft unicycle with one leg whilst balancing a gold fish on his foot! He then kicks the fish through the air so it lands in a gold fish bowl on his head, and yes his parents are proud. 

Sam Hryckow trained at the Ballarat Academy of Performing Arts graduating with a B.A. in performing arts in 1996 and a B.A. in English literature from Melbourne University in 1999. He has performed in various theatre productions including ‘Hamlet’ and ‘The Wizard of Oz’. After graduating Sam traveled to New Zealand and completed a Diploma in New Circus at Christchurch Poly-tech and was amongst the first intake at the National Institute of Circus Arts. This lead to Sam performing live at Corporate Events, International Arts Festivals and along the way gaining the title of European Outdoor Entertainer of the Year. Sam was also nominated for the Scotsman Award at the Edinburgh Festival. In 2004 Sam performed the role of Pino Abrozetti in the co-production of Hothouse Theatre and the Melbourne Theatre Company's ‘Second Childhood’. Sam has also appeared in television commercials and recorded numerous voice-overs.

In 2005 Sam began a two-year contract with Circus Royal.  In 2007 Sam appeared along side Magda Sabanzki in the Melbourne Theatre production of ‘The Mad Woman of Chaiott’.  In 2008 and 2009 Sam performed the role of Master of Ceremonies for the out back spectacular ‘The Horseman From Snowy River,’ performing in every Sports and Entertainment Center from Sydney to Perth.

Sam is a regular on the festival circuit performing at the Big Laugh Out at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival for the past four years, Christchurch World Buskers, Fremantle Street Art Festival, the Taste of Tasmania, Canberra Floriade Festival and the Adelaide Street Art Festival.

More recently Sam has been a regular performer on the P&O cruise line, performing as a regular guest entertainer and as part of the Comedy Wave Festival along side Tom Gleeson and Mick Meredith.

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(no actual gold fish are in any way inconvenienced in this act)
Sam Hryckow AKA Mr Fish

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