Our Corporate style Moulin Rouge Can Can Dancers are Professional, saucy, stunning and astounding. Offering either a Traditional French feel or a more commercial style Can Can show, our dancers will ensure your event is truly unforgettable.

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The Moulin Rouge themed event is timeless. From the seductive Moulin Rouge beauties to the crazy screams of the French Can Can girls, your party will be one to remember.

Our Moulin Rouge Can Can Dancers perform complete with traditional Can Can Skirts in the famous red, blue and white colours.  Professional, saucy, stunning and astounding, our Can Can dancers will ensure your party is truly unforgettable.


Our Can Can shows are theatrical and brilliantly choreographed, ideal for all corporate events. Modest costume options are most certainly available, simply ask. 



Option 1: Moulin Rouge Can Can dance Plus 30 min Meet and Greet - You have the choice of the traditional Can Can or the Can Can sound track from the movie ‘Moulin Rouge’. You choose. We provide a cast of up to 12 Can Can dancers in traditional costumes. This Option also gives you the opportunity to decorate your event with the costumed beauties for 30 minutes, allowing your guests to have photos with the dancers. 

Option two: Moulin Rouge the Movie Tribute Can Can Show. Only featuring songs from the Moulin Rouge film. A contemporary French floorshow with all of the life and movement featured within the Baz Luhrmann film “Moulin Rouge”. 

Option three: “La vie de Bohème”, French Opulence Themed Floorshow. Traditional French inspired Floorshow including the traditional Offenbach Can Can, songs from Edith Piaf and more. 



Can Can dance number plus 30 minutes meet and Greet (inclusive optional)

Enjoy the energy and excitement of the Can Can at your next event! The package consists of either the Traditional Can Can - the famous music is French composer, Jacques Offenbach's 'Gallop Infernal' from "Orpheus in the Underworld"

- OR the new version of the Can Can from the hit sound track and Movie "Moulin Rouge".  Choose whichever you prefer and we'll provide a cast of up to 12 Can Can dancers in french coloured can can costumes to make your event sparkle. Our gorgeous, technically brilliant girls will playfully run in and out and between your guests' tables, screaming, drawing attention to themselves and interacting with the guests. They will then make their way to the main dance floor and perform their high energy dance routine.  At the end of the routine, they will exit in the same active manner in which they entered. These dancers will also take photos with your guests and/or welcome your guests at the beginning of your event, bringing plenty of character and colour from the first moment your guests arrive, for a full 30 minutes, all within the same hour call time.

4 Artists Recommended



MOULIN ROUGE THE MOVIE FLOORSHOW, approx. 10-15 minutes.

This show is full of colour, life and energy, and at the same time our professional dancers are traditional and theatrically seductive. This floor show celebrates the film “Moulin Rouge” and its fabulous sound track. For a truly fun, interactive, fabulous French experience, book this floorshow. Ideal for Bastille day and International events. Optional  Live interactive vocalist available.

Most people know the Moulin Rouge from its association with 'the Can Can'. Once introduced as a seductive dance, the Can Can Revue, as a form of entertainment, led to the introduction of cabarets as an art form across Europe.

Following the story of the superb Baz Luhrmann film, ‘Moulin Rouge’, our show takes you on a journey of colour, seduction, fun and glamour.

Opening the show with a taste of the history of Le Moulin Rouge, The show opens with wild screams and roar of the brilliant, vibrant and colourful Can Can dancers, lifting their skirts, in a cheeky and provocative manner as made famous by the Moulin Rouge dancers and, in particular,  ‘La Goulue’.  Enjoy! With a cast of both males and females our Can Can features high kicks and acrobatics, keeping everyone on their toes as they watch this explosive opener. For more conservative clients, we can amend to suit.

Raising the heartbeat of each guest, these stunning, Diva cabaret girls - talented, playful, confident and interactive - will perform a dance routine to the re-vamp of ‘Lady Marmalade’.  Complete with corsets, frilly undies and white feather boas, these dancers will captivate your guests. This song can be sang live. Costuming can be altered to a more conservative option, simply ask.

Diamonds truly are a Girl’s best friend as we all know, and our beautiful performers will demonstrate this as they perform to the song made famous by Marilyn Monroe and revived, once again, in the movie, ‘Moulin Rouge’. Our brilliant optional male and female cast will together in a dazzling dance routine all together for the grand finale.

For our encore, we take your guests back to where it all began, with the Can Can.  Our Can Can dancers move around the room in a highly energetic manner, bring people up to dance as we bring some of your guests onto stage with us and have them dance with our professional dancers.

Show girls can be added to the show, we can certainly assist you.

4-8 Artists recommended



FRENCH INSPIRED CAN CAN FLOORSHOW, “La vie de Bohème”, 15-20 mins.

This show is ideal for French themed events, looking specifically for a French style floorshow. We do incorporate music from the Moulin Rouge Baz Luhrmann film, and we also include music of famous French singer Edith Piaf and the ever popular traditional Offenbach Can Can. This floorshow include interaction and runs for approx. 15minutes in length.

4-8 artists recommended

Learn more about the background of the Can Can

The Can Can is a playful, physically demanding and very tiring dance.  Considered an erotic dance style with erotic connotations, the dance first appeared in the early 19th century.  It was considered quite scandalous and  any young people who indulged themselves in performing it were frowned upon and considered to be of loose moral fibre.  Although the dance was thought to be extremely inappropriate by 'respectable' society it soon began emerging from the working-class dance halls into the mainstream.  The Can Can was viewed as extremely erotic because of the contrasting black stockings and the way in which the dancers made use of the extravagant underwear of the period.  A Can Can dancer would sometimes stand very close to a man and encourage him to bet that she could take off his hat without using her hands. Once the bet was accepted, she'd release a high kick that would quickly knock his hat straight off his head and, at the same time, give him a cheeky, quick look at her underwear.  It was also a strong reminder that anyone taking unwanted liberties with a dancer could expect a kick in the face!

Can Can dancers were very suggestive dancers as they would lift and manipulate their skirts, bending over and throwing the skirts over their backs, thereby presenting their bottoms to the audience - Can Can dancers were considered cheeky and provocative and the Moulin Rouge dancer ‘La Goulue’ was renowned for her interpretation of this part of the act.

An Interesting fact about the Can Can:  it is a myth that the Can Can was ever frequently performed without the dancers wearing underwear. 



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