Surprise your guests out of their comfort zone and spoil them with the most unexpected dancing surprise and shock they could ever imagine now happening and performing in Melbourne!!! Flashmob Waiters at their best.

Melbourne, Victoria, VIC, Australia

After having taken Sydney and Queensland by storm on the dance floor surprising guests all over, the Melbourne Surprise Dancing Waiters are now available to perform and do their thing at your corporate events, business functions and product launches.

In order to maintain high quality of performance level a minimum booking of 6 dancers per show is required. The genres of dance are breakdancing, tricking, hip hop, salsa and street dancing all around.
Just imagine what your guests would do right in the moment once the dancers execute their trigger. On character scenarios plus performance showtime including audience interaction.
6 dancers is the absolute minimum for any and all bookings in Melbourne (Victoria)
The point of difference for this team is that all their captains and head master have a guerrilla marketing background or street teams marketing as it used to be called back in the 90s and together have performed a series of real life pranks, street stunts, office jokes, social experiments, whispering advertising, word of mouth campaigns and ultimately dance surprises which can be performed on a more intimate and up-and-close atmosphere for your special events.
Right now in the new millennium street dancing is without a doubt the hottest trend and coolest genre. However the specific diversity that is provided with Melbourne Surprise Dancing Waiters is unique with regards to music being able to cater a variety of music tastes.
15 minutes on character plus 15 minutes of performance showtime including audience interaction is what you will get.
The more dancers you book the much better enhancement you allows us to make in order to deliver you WOW and POW! 
Book us with a minimum of 6 dancers per show for your performance. if you can book 8 or 10 even better.
Look very much forward to entertaining you and making you Bust A Move with the team!

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