1920s Charleston Dancers will wow your guests with their high-energy charleston floor show! Create an event to rival The Great Gatsby!

Brisbane, QLD, Australia

1920'S CHARLESTON DANCERS will wow your guests with their high-energy charleston floor show! 

The fabulous dancers will perform the charleston you know and love to fabulous music from the era, as well as a modern electro-swing version of the classics! Jump on the Glam Band Wagon and transport your guests back to when liquor was banned, jazz music was rife and dancing was all that mattered!

Both the following acts are available with females or male and can either be 1 x 20min set or 2 x 10min sets in length.

Show Option 1: Female Charleston Floorshow

The stunning female floorshow features long legged ladies with amazing technique, flirty personalities and astonishing stage presence! Featuring multiple costume changes, the girls wear feathers, sparkles, fringing and will add a touch of class to any vintage event!

Show Option 2: Guys & Gals Partner-Charleston Floorshow

The high-energy female and male partner floorshow is great for adding the WOW factor to any event! The guys and gals together produce an infectious energy which would rival any speakeasy from the 20s and 30s. Think Fred Astaire, Top Hat & Tails, Gangsters & Moles – whatever your vision, we can produce it!

Both options come with mulitple costume changes, plenty of feathers and a whole lot of fun. Create an event to rival one of Jay Gatsby’s fabulous parties!

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