Professional flamenco ensemble of dancers with live guitarist, singer and percussionist.

SYDNEY, NSW, Australia

This ensemble is suitable for public or private venues where live, authentic pure gypsy style flamenco is appreciated. Depending on the venue or occasion their format can be adjusted to suit the requirements of the event, from a brief corporate presentation of four artists to a formal stage show of up to ten artists. Stage Presentation: Elegant, polished, international quality, cutting edge musicianship and mesmerising passionate dance energy. All performances are in full flamenco costume.


Manager and Artistic Director, Mr Tomás Dietz has over 20 years experience in the flamenco industry. He has dedicated his life to sharing his knowledge and experience with the Australian community through high profile performance and teaching. He has produced professional flamenco shows at many top venues, including Tilley's Devine Café in Canberra and the Bondi Pavilion Theatre in Sydney. Mr Dietz continues to perform regularly at the Spanish Tapas Restaurant, Sydney and conducts guest workshops across the country.

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