"Street Dancing Show" can either take you back in retro time to the 80's or simply lead you into the future of the dance! We simply ROCK!!!

Sydney - NSW, Based in Sydney but willing to be flown by the client to anywhere in the world for a booking!, NSW, Australia

Both winter & summer seasons just got better with our unique and exclusive:

Guaranteed to provide you with the best of the best in break dancing, hip hop, capoeira martial arts, funk, popping, krumping, breakswing, acrobatics and freestyling ever presented down under.
To celebrate our birthday year of the dog we have elaborated two mega supa special deal offers:
The Mini Show   
2 Professional A Class Performers  
20 minutes performance including audience interaction.
Either two males or male/female entertainers option.  
The Works  
4 Professional A Class Performers  
Up to 1 hour maximum performance always combined with audience interaction.  
Any mixture of male & female entertainers option.  
Available for a limited time only for any type of event including Bar Mitzvahs, corporate events, product launches, Bat Mitzvahs, festivals, weddings and birthdays.  
Book your Street Dancing Show with us and select one of our 4 special themes:
  • Retro 80’s Old School = We will dress in full on 80’s retro gear and dance to exclusive music specifically from the 80’s era to make you reminisce the good old days. Think of Sugarhill Gang, Rick Astley, James Brown, Whitney Houston, Midnite Star, Kool and the Gang, Madonna, Salt & Pepa, etc   
  • NY The Bronx Hip Hop = We will dress in full on street hip hop NY colorful gear and dance to exclusive music specifically from today’s hip hop trendy charts to live it up. Think of Jay Z, Slim Shady, Q-Tip, 50 Cent, Jungle Brothers, Black Eye Peas, etc
  • Future Galaxy = We will dress in full on futuristic silver and gold gear and dance to funky house, break beats or even NRG or techno music to really pump it up. Think of Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, DJ Supreme, Groove Armada, Madison Avenue, Freestylers, etc   
  • Bubblegum Lollipop = We will dress in full on extra fluoro bright colorful flowerish rainbow gear and dance to any top 40 pop music to make sounds easy to sing along and cheesy. Think of Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue, Five, Backstreet Boys, Christina Aguilera, DJ Otzi, etc 
Our team consists of the finest individuals never assembled together before. All our members are high profile dancers from various international television commercials, photographic still campaigns and music videos. We have performed all over the globe from London , South East Asia , South America, Dubai, New Zealand and Australia.

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