Michelle Milessa Face Painter
Location: Melbourne
Country: Australia

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Michelle Milessa is one of the best face painters in Australia, and maintains the absolute highest hygiene procedures in the world.
She is the sole representative of Diamond FX : one of the world's most pretegious face/body painting products brands.

Her face/body painting is world class, yet she still enjoys simply children's birthday parties; loving the joy of turning a child into a princess.
Her designs are breathtaking, but extremaly quick, using techniques gained from folk painting, Donna Dewberry Painting, years of face painting and other techniques. An expert in colour, every face painted is loved.

Michelle includes all equipment in her prices, including SFX such as fake blood, glitter poweder, rainbow cakes and sparkles. She also includes costuming for every event, and can dress as characters like Snow White, BatGirl, Superman, Tinkerbell, Sleeping Beauty, Clowns, Fairies, Princess Jasmine, Xmas Themes, and more.
She comes with a Working with Children Check card, and 20 million dollars of public liability.

Michelle is available for corporate work, televisions ads, promotion needs, and theme events. She can incoporate logos and themes into design. She can body paint entire models, or basic face painting.

For children's events, she is a favourite for shopping centres, hotels, promo events, fetes. festivals, carnivals and more.

For private parties, Michelle is fantastic with kids, and makes every child feel special.

For a truly professional, talented, hard working, but most of all understanding performer - Book Now

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