Where others use fire in their show, fire IS our show. Expect a show of breathtaking skill, daring stunts, and of course copious amounts of fire!
There is no event that could not do with some hot entertainment.

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Circaholics Anonymous is a fire based circus group, specializing in fire manipulation. Combining an array of skills including martial arts, dance, slap-stick comedy, with a arsenal of equipment and more fire then you can poke a stick at, they will provide you with a performance that will be burned into your memory forever!

Playing with fire normally is just not enough for these guys however, they take it to where other performers can't handle the heat. Combining normal equipment with custom made items, they put on shows of skipping through 4mtr's worth of flame, fight each other  star wars style with red and green flames, create 7foot fire balls with whip cracks, and other weird and crazy ways that make any insurance company cringe.

Great for corporate functions to impress the workers, wedding entertainment during your reception, country festivals to draw in a crowd, birthday parties, video clips, promotional work or anything else you’re trying to get a wow factor for. Be it outdoors or indoors, in a performance hall or a backyard, for a small group of 10 or a performance for thousands, there are no limits to what the Circaholics can do. If you think it, we can burn it!

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