Professional Make-up Artist based in Melbourne, specialising in Special Occasion, Wedding, Special Effects, Prosthetics, Contouring, Film, TV, Fashion, Photography, Advertising and Theatre Make-up.

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Cherie Noronho- Professional Make-up Artist

Professional and mobile Make-Up Specialist trained by the renouned Frampton Institute. Available for any occasion, she uses make-up of the highest quality for longevity and an exquisite finish, all in the comfort of your own home.

Trained directly under Oscar/Bafta winning Peter Frampton as well as at the London College of Fashion, she has the knowledge and experience to tailor for any desired look, as well as hairstyling if required. Cherie has been working as a freelance artist, as a company wedding make-up artist and in the entertainment industry.

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