Multicultural music and Dance performances Traditional and Contemporary with a seasoned professional

Moorooka, Brisbane, Gold Coast, rockhampton, Sydney, Toowoomba, QLD, Australia

Frankenflute, aka Francis Gilfedder is a versatile and incredibly talented Multicultural performer skilled in a wide range of Asian, American and Australian Music and Dance, learned on his travels through these regions. Past presentations range from Didgeridoo Techno to the Ancient Japanese Shakuhachi flute, as well as being in Demand for Balinese mask dance performances at Weddings and Festivals....also on offer is an Indonesian Gamelan ensemble, and an Indian- Australian fusion duo entitled Ozindia...something tasteful for all enquiries

 Francis is a multi-talented artist performing in a variety of genres, from ambient shakuhachi compositions to didjeridu combinations with other unusual Asian wind instruments, playing instruments from Japan, Laos, India, Indonesia, Thailand, North America, the Phillipines and Australia.

He has received an Indonesian government scholarship to study traditional music in Java, studied shakuhachi with a Japanese shakuhachi master, and spent time with the Yolngu people of Arnhem land in learning the correct traditional techniques for the Yidaki (Didjeridu).His extensive experience with Asian Contemporary and Traditional performing Arts has contributed extensively to many Aesthetic and Community projects in Queensland and interstate for the past 25 years. He also possese a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts from the University of Queensland, and has had three major Solo exhibitions of his painting and drawing, as well as participating in many group shows.


• Presented Balinese Mask Dance and an International Jews Harp presentation at Woodford Folk Festival

• Presented Chinese Dragon and Music Workshops at many Locations throughout SE QLD for Chinese New Year

• Played with Batari Taiko ensemble at Oceanside Asian Market Fest opening

  • 2015  Presented workshops in Javanese Gamelan music for public of all ages and abilities at the Tara Camel Festival.
  • Performed at the Alice Springs Desert Festival with the OzIndia fusion ensemble
  •  Has presented many Primary and Secondary School Music Workshops, including at Sheldon College and Ferny Grove State High
  • Previously....Danced at a Village Temple Ceremony in Padangbai, Bali, to local acclaim.
  • Played Indian Snake Charmer to Aboriginal Children on Mornington Island where they Spontaneously did a Snake Dance...
  • Learned traditional Lao mouth organ in Nong Khai on the Thai border with the local Youth Art Group

Repertoire List/instruments played

  • Topeng Tua (Balinese Old man's mask Dance),
  • Topeng Keras (Balinese Prime Minister Mask Dance), 
  • Topeng Dalem (Balinese Refined King Mask Dance), 
  • Topeng Bujuh ( Balinese Clown mask dance), 
  • Topeng Hanoman (Balinese Monkey God mask Dance), 
  • Yidaki ( Arnhem Land Style Didgeridoo), 
  • Didjeribone ( Tunable Slide Didgeridoo) Didgeridoo-based techno music, 
  • Native American Healing Love flute ( many different sizes) ,
  • Gamelan music, Solo or Trio ( Balinese & Javanese xylophone instruments), 
  • Saluang (Sumatran wedding flute), 
  • Khean (Lao/Thai funky bamboo mouth organ), 
  • Danmoi & other Jews Harps (funky ancient Techno sound), 
  • Traditional Chinese flutes & Percussion, 
  • Shakuhachi ( Traditional/Contemporary Japanese breathy flute), 
  • Fujara & Tilinko ( East European Shepherd's flutes),
  • Tibetan Healing Bowls, 
  • Harmonic Singing ( producing two notes at the same time with Solo voice),
  • Taiko japanese drumming, 
  • Gongs, 
  • Ethnic wedding,
  • meditation & Healing music ,
  • Panpipes & flutes of South America

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