The Sounds of Polynesia commenced in 1992 under the direction of choreographer and folklore exponent Pherina Tuaiti.

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

It comprises of 15 members who dance and play logs, bass drum, guitar, ukulele and bongos. They perform music from the Cook Islands of Rarotonga, Aitutaki, Mangaia, and Manihiki, which each have a distinct style and tradition.

Sounds of Polynesia’s vibrant performance takes audiences on a journey around the Cook Islands through dances such as the Greeting Dance, Coconut Dance, Farewell Dance and traditional warrior chants.   All is performed by exceptional dancers including 9 year old warrior Tuaiti and 7 year old Petronella both of which have won International awards in Dance.

 Although most of their performance is based on music of the Cook Islands, Sounds of Polynesia have also added contemporary pop to their repertoire and perform comical renditions of Michael Jackson and John Travolta’s moves. 

 Sounds of Polynesia will captivate audiences with their songs and dances and superb joyous nature.

 Recent performances include Anthony Robbins Seminar at Rod Laver Park, Disney Gala Dinner, World Golf Competition, only to mention a few.

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