Want to get the party started? Invite Disco Roller Girl-She'll have the whole room spinning in seconds. Straight from the Disco she comes to your event on her Roller Skates, serving up large portion of fun.

Melbourne, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Remember the days of Roller Skating? Remember how much fun you had gliding on your skates? No need to reminisce anymore, as you invite Disco Roller Girl to your next party. Here she comes, gliding, spinning, and flying by-she's the life of the party! Invite 1, 2 or 3 to your next function where they entertain by Roller Skating to the era of your chosen music. Choose the classical 50's Roller Diner, or the 70's Disco Fever look to suit your theme. Performing a 10 minute dance show, that is set to get the night rocking, they dance, rove, entertain right through your event. If you are serving food, then let our team of Disco Roller Girls serve you to add a whole lot more fun to your event.

 All our Disco Roller Gilrs are trained dancers, entertainers and clowns in one. Highly qualified and highly skilled they are professional in executing fun!

 If you have a special theme we can also cater espcially for you. 

Testimonials: Over the last two years, I have worked closely with Emma Kenyon from Stilt Story with acts such as her Frilled Neck Lizards to produce many outstanding corporate and community events. Emma's characters, costumes, presentation, punctuality and professionalism are so finely developed and exquisitely delivered, that you always get 110% on the day. Emma is a professional artiste in every sense of the word, and engages like-minded people to work with her, to her strict standards. Her range of costumes, creative flexibility, and can-do attitude will always see her on top of her game.


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