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Location: Nsw, Sydney, New South Wales
Country: Australia

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The Cover Girls A flash back to the 1960’s with the Cover Girls lost in the world of a fashion shoot. They vogue, they will ask you to take their photograph, be a model extra, or just watch them sing and dance. Bright, bold and bewitching – the Covergirls transport you into a world of glamour.

The Cabin Crew With a smile and a wave, the Cabin Crew make every outing as delightful as a holiday. In true steward style, they are always smiling, waving and re-assuring the crowd, who are their very special passengers. This travelling orange ensemble glide through the crowd in flight formation or single file followed by their regulation overnight bags on wheels. The Cabin Crew members are ever so helpful. They guide the audience through safety immaculate even after some turbulence. The Cabin Crew exude style, with expressive hands and permanently fixed smiles. Let this charming group orientate you to soft landings and high times.

Australian Beauty Queens Gloved, sashed and gowned – these gals come straight fro the pages of a 1950’s magazine to escort you to their local Beauty Pageant. The Pageant is a battle field and the contestants draw on their dazzling array of useless and erratic skills in their fight for the crown. You will be bemused by their bird calls, country and western singing, spoon playing, recipe recitals and demonstrations on the art of swooning. Don’t stand too near or you will be swept into a bout of ballroom dancing in an attempt to win your vote. This satirical observation of a woman’s debut into society captivates
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