A positively engaging Speaker with woo! Bringing Positive Psychology to life. High energy, high impact and will leave you thinking!

Adelaide, SA, Australia

As a Speaker Jane is a high energy and engaging speaker who has the ability to inform and involve audiences simultaneously! Her delightful and positive approach compliments the active learning environment. Participants stay involved throughout the session and self-reflection, interaction and personal goal setting is highly encouraged.

Jane Wundersitz  is driven to bring the robust  research from the field of positive psychology into the workplace and life. Her belief is that greater potential lies in focusing on what is right about people rather than what is wrong and as research confirms - appreciating and applying our strengths is the key to individual, team and organisational flourishing. Jane has been a global pioneer in bringing this research into her keynotes and workplace training since 2004 and is the founder of WunderTraining. 
She is the Australian Master Trainer for VIA Institute on Character which is at the heart of the Global Positive Psychology strengths movement and is also the Australian Master Trainer for Authentic Strengths Advantage. As a national leader, put simply she knows her stuff and delivers it with oomph. In September 2016 she presented at the 5th Australian Positive Psychology and Wellbeing Conference and was asked to deliver her presentation a second time due to popular demand.
' It is with enormous gratitude that we send our sincere thanks. We have received outstanding feedback from the conference delegates and your presentation directly contributed to making this thought provoking and inspiring confernce a success.'
If you are looking for a speaker for a positive impact and a fresh mindset- Jane will deliver.

Conference Hero’s

  •  Positive Psychology at Work
  • The Good Life 
  • Live Life Forward- flourishing in happiness and wellbeing
  • Positively Charged and Resilient
  • Positive Progress: keeping your Mojo
  • The Building Blocks of Drive

Brief History:

Jane Wundersitz is passionate about living life to the fullest and appreciating what matters most. She belives human potential needs to be back on the radar to build a great company culture where individuals and teams thrive. With 1:5 currently engaged at work across Australia we need to refocus on business as a Human Enterprise.

She is a proven business leader with near 20 years’ experience holding executive and senior level management and learning and development positions within Australia and the UK. She was a respected and high achieving leader at The Body Shop for over a decade. She has worked with over 500 teams and near 7000 participants.

Jane has qualifications in Positive Psychology and Well being and specialised in positive leadership and strengths coaching. She has a Bachelor Degree in Visual Arts and develops original and memorable programs designed for impact. Her contemporary and uplifting deliveries are backed by robust research in building resilience and personal well-being. 
She loves speaking and has well and truly found her purpose and will happily tailor to suit conference objectives.
Adelaide based but travel far


1) Positive Psychology at Work - tailored to suit cient objectives

 'A very big thank you your vision was insightful and we had a great response from the delegates. Your presentation definitely contributed to a highly successful conference. '                                                                             PowerHealth Solutions Networking and Training Healthcare Conference.

"We wanted to start our two day leadership conference with a "wow factor" -  A speaker that would set the tone and mindset for the two days. Jane Wundersitz delivered this in spades! '                                                                 Executive Team Conference- Department of Human Services 

2) The Good Life  

30 mins / 60 mins  
What keeps us happy and healthy as we go through life? What matters most? Bringing to life the latest research from the science of positive psychology. Insightful and empowering with a final focus on positive relationships. We are a social species and people matter most. Light participation, positive and thought provoking.  
"Excellent, great feedback from clients and just what we were looking for. Positive and uplifting.'   Middleton Securities Annual Customer Event 

3) Live Life Forward

60 mins (theatre)    90 mins – 2hrs (tables – with interaction icebreaker + opportunity to move and connect)  

An insightful yet candid look at the science of wellbeing and happiness.  A fabulous, fun and progressive session ,  interactive and includes personal goal setting.

"Live Life Forward" was very popular, informative and was received enthusiastically by everyone. Thank you for your valued contribution." Department of Health -  Professional Development Day

"Very Inspirational and practical advice. Upbeat and provides an opportunity to stop working and work on yourself." University of South Australia- Professional Women's Development

"Inspiring, motivating and definitely worth businesses investing in."  Lorna Jane – Believe theme staff development 

3) Positively Charged and Resilient

 45mins/ 90 mins 

Emotionally resilient and positive leaders and team members are able to maintain – and even supercharge – their performance in times of challenge, and have an in-built ability to bounce back from setbacks. This empowering workshop supports participants to appreciate and identify their own resources to build a positive and resilient mindset professionally and personally.  

"10 ++++++ Definitely gets the brain working. Enjoyed Jane’s happy and vibrant approach. I could honestly listen to Jane present all day."   IAG Insurance Group Australia – Corporate Wellness

"Fantastic - I will definitely recommend for future events. Jane was very motivating and encouraging. Perfect!"  SA Power Network - Mentor Team Development Day

" Inspiring – A must do! Relevant and new ideas. Enjoyed the content on building resilience and the rewards are priceless. High energy and positive facilitation."   Bendigo and Adelaide Bank- Leadership Development

4)Positive Progress - Keeping your Mojo  (for volunteers / not for profit )

30mins/ 60mins/ 90mins  

This short and positively punchy workshop will help volunteers recognise the true value of their volunteering role. Volunteers have the best wellbeing in Australia! This feel good session brings to life the PERMA wellbeing model in light of the personal benefits in doing what they do.  It also shares insight into how to build the personal resources and to keep their Mojo at optimum through a strengths approach.  
'Thanks for a wonderful presentation. We had overwhelmingly positive feedback. '                                                       100 years Cub Scout Leaders Expo 2016 

5)  The Building Blocks of Drive

"Jane's presentation was motivational and uplifting. A brilliant speaker!"    

"The Building Blocks of Drive was empowering and made us think about ourselves in a different light. It has made me rethink a lot of things I have often put on the too hard shelf and I will readdress some now with a new confidence, direction and empowerment. The words 'I can and I will ' are very powerful indeed. Thank you."    Office Professionals Forum 

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