'Two Different' is raw fringe theatre performed at the Tap Gallery.

Darlinghurst , Sydney, NSW, Australia
0431 587 567


Two Different' is coming to you! Ipatch Productions Presents 'Two Different'- 2 one-act plays. 'The Man With The Flower In His Mouth' By Luigi Pirnadello, translated by Eric Bentley. What could be worse than knowing you are going to die? What would you…do? Two strangers meet in an all night café; one has missed his train, the other is determined to “latch on to life” through his imagination. Examining one's own mortality can be a breaking ground for trivia and that makes for interesting drama. A most unwelcome visitor has arrived. Death has come to stay. 'Kitchen' By Van Badham.

Set in Wollongong in a small apartment looking over the ocean and steel works ‘Kitchen’ explores the dynamics and challenges of man and woman. This delicious comedy unravels the mystery of what really happens behind closed doors when Owen and Helen are made to face the hard facts of life, work, mortgage and most importantly love.

SEASON DETAILS Venue: Tap Gallery, Level 1, 278 Palmer Street, Darlinghurst NSW

The Tap Gallery Dates: Opening night Wed April 23, season to Fri 2 May Performances: Wed-Sun 8pm, Sun 5pm Bookings only

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