Ryan Sterling
Location: Northcote, Melbourne
Country: Australia

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With a unique fingerpicking guitar style that evokes the ghost of John Fahey, the melodic harmonica playing of Neil Young and the lyric stylings of artists ranging from Morrissey to Paul Westerberg a Ryan Sterling show can be a special treat for music fans. Ryan has played in many Melbourne bands including Red Rattler and Ryan Sterling & Shane French. The last 12 months has seen tours of Adelaide and many Melbourne gigs with a diverse array of bands and solo artists. A combination of influences that culminate into a country/folk/rock amalgam that is unique and yet has a familiarity that is appealing. A guitar that can at times sound like three guitars and melodic vocals and harmonica that weave in and out of the guitar lines creatings an intriguing sound that gains more and more depth with each subsequent listen.
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