Dan & Diletta
Location: Brisbane
Country: Australia

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We formed as Dan & Diletta in 2014 and quickly discovered we have very similar tastes in music.
Diletta comes from Italy and has been initiated to music by her parents, both musicians. Along with her family music business, she has worked and collaborated with a number of bands and explored different genres, from rock to standard jazz, from blues to pop. Having studied the piano for more than 8 years, in 2010 she decided to enrol in the Conservatorium of Pescara in Italy and study opera singing until 2014, when she moved to Australia. 
Today, alongside with her acoustic duo with Dan, she is the lead singer for a Brisbane based metal band.  
Dan first picked up a guitar at the age of 14 when he found his mum's old nylon string acoustic in the garage. He would spend the weekends learning Silverchair and Grinspoon songs. In a couple of months, Dan was moving on to Metallica and Iron Maiden tunes and one thing was clear; he would need an electric guitar! His grandmother bought him one for Christmas that year and he started a metal band with his mates in high school. Since then, Dan has moved back to the acoustic, or as his former metal bandmates call it - the "grandpa guitar".
Together, we love to tackle the not-so-common covers such as Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb (a crowd favourite!). To mix things up even more, we are now adding Bossa Nova songs to our repertoire, such as Girl From Ipanema and Agua De Beber.
Our current, always growing repertoire includes:
  • Joni Mitchell - Big Yellow Taxi
  • Justin Timberlake - Ayo Technology 
  • Outkast - Hey Ya
  • Bill withers - Ain’t no sunshine 
  • Johnny Cash - Hurt
  • Eric Clapton - Layla
  • The Commodores - Easy 
  • James Taylor - You’ve got a friend
  • Pink Floyd - Wish you were here
  • The Cranberries - Animal Instinct
  • Nick Cave - Into my arms
  • Jobim - Girl from ipanema
  • The Beatles - Yesterday
  • Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun
  • Creedence - Have you ever seen the rain
  • Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb
  • Cat Stevens - Father and son
  • Madilyn Bailey - Radioactive (imagine dragons)
  • The smashing Pumpkins - Disarm
  • Cat Stevens - Wild world
  • David Bowie - The man who sold the world
  • Deftones - Passenger (acoustic cover)
  • Alice in chains - Nutshell
  • Hozier - Take me to church
  • Jobim - Agua de beber 
  • Sixto Rodriguez - Sugarman
  • Echo & The Bunnymen - The killing moon
  • Jobim - Agua de beber
  • John Lennon - Imagine
  • Blind Melon - No Rain
  • Mr Big - To be with you
  • Metallica - Nothing else matters
  • Incubus - Drive
  • Tracey Chapman - Talkin about a revolution
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