Calamity James & The OTT Big Band
Location: Sydney , Sydney
Country: Australia

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Calamity James is a trained Musical Theatre artist turned Burlesque artist, turned MC, all while happily singing the entire time!

After successfully touring in the 2012 and 2013 cast of Naked Boys Singing! Australia, Calamity hung up their show undies for good and turned to a life in the corporate world. But nothing could end up keeping Calamity from the stage! A corporate queer by day, and an entertainer by night, Calamity has undergone many iterations of stage personas over the past 10 years, until the moniker Calamity James was birthed. Combining their love for theatre and music, with their past 20 years of work on stage and screen, Calamity is a loud-and-proud entertainment tornado with a classic crooner's voice and a boyish charm that will leave your jaw on the floor, right next to your pants every time they sing. Bringing a vintage flair to pop songs, get ready to hum along and toe-tap when you get to enjoy the stylings of Calamity James & The OTT Big Band!

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