Location: Tullamarine, Melbourne
Country: Australia

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Every now and then a band comes along that has a certain fire; a certain energy and sound that simply grabs you and demands your attention. Cold Snap is such a band, squeezing the most out of every note creating one of the most Electrifying Chicago Blues bands going around. Cold Snap rip into their tunes with a passion, and collectively form one of the hottest live blues acts in Victoria, if not Australia who truly must be seen live to be fully appreciated.

Since its formation Cold Snap wasted no time in stamping its authority on the Melbourne blues scene as one of the premier Chicago Blues bands in town. Its members consist of seasoned musicians who have been in the music scene for over 30 years. They have played with the likes of Chris Wilson, Lobby Loyde, Fina Boyes, John Dallimore and many other renowned bands/artists. Talented musicianship combined with amazing and charismatic vocals up front by this husband and wife team certainly set Cold Snap apart from many others in their genre.

2009 has already seen them perform at the Eltham Jazz & Blues Festival, Point Cook Homestead Blues Festival, Downtown Bendigo Rock & Blues Festival and the Echuca Winter Blues Festival where they Sold Out of their CD's. Word on the band is spreading, so much so that after each of their festival performances punters have left claiming they were one of the best bands performing on the day.

Their gigs always have punters, out of their seats, on their feet, and the whole joint jumpin'. They hit the ground running with their first track and don't let up for a minute the entire night. Punter's are literally mesmerised and simply have to stay for fear of missing a single moment. One lady said "Once I heard them play their first song, I told my husband we have to stick around to see how these guys end their show tonight". Cold Snap didn't disappoint and had the whole place on their feet, dancing, jumping and hollering until their final note was played. To put it mildly, it's always a great night when Cold Snap is in town.

It seems that each venue they play at these days they convert new fans. One lady claimed Sonia was "one of the most talented women she has seen" after hearing her sing, dance, and then pick up her sax and help Ken out on the horns. Another said "You guys shouldn't be called Cold Snap because you're Smokin' Hot!" Yes it does sound a little cliche, but these are the feelings that are conjured up after each show. I guess there's only one way to find out what it's all about...

Do yourself a favour and get down to one of their gigs to witness one of Victoria's, hottest live blues acts who must be seen live to be truly appreciated.

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