Jeannie Lushes & The Blues Boys
Location: Melbourne
Country: Australia

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Jeannie Lushes...with the ordinary scope of expectations she exists almost wholly, but in the dim blue light..there is a sway of a hip...there is an elusive allure..& there is a voice as vibrant as dynamo & as subtle as smoke curling in a bar.

The formation of Jeannie Lushes, (lubricators), was in 2000 as a 50's rockabilly band. For 4 years, Lushes entertained audiences with this raw sound but was itching to do what she loved most. Lushes acquired an early love for gospel & blues music and so she put away her blue suede shoes and the birth of "Blues" became.

With the influences of the Antone Women the formation of Jeannie Lushes & the  Blues Boys begun. Jeannie is staffed by our citys best blues musicians. Guitarist Mark (Harpo), Greenway, electric/double bass Glenn Simkin, Horn section Jimmy Sloggett ( Cold Chisel, Dee Jays) & Joe Greenway , and Drummer section, between  Rob OToole, Shane Antonie (Redliners)  & Ray Tully (Straight 8s).

On stage these six dynamics exudes qualities of kool reserve that is directly at odds with the torrid emotions they conjure up in a song, simply an elusive contradiction between blues, soul and rock. The one thing these six musicians have in common is a dedication to mastering their craft. Each is a singular talent!

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