Location: Brighton, Brisbane
Country: Australia

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Blues band "Petrol Money" Based in Brisbane . Recently supported Colin Hay on his Tour "Are you looking at me ." VOCALS & LEAD GUITAR - Tom Roberts is a musician born and bred in Queensland. Except for a year living in cold and soggy Melbourne Tom has spent all his life in the Sunshine State. Getting his first guitar at three years of age it seemed that a future of trying to master it was cast early. It didn't turn out that way. His passion for painting and drawing as a child resulted in his 1/2 size Kayok classical collecting dust in the corner. That was until his father (John - a classical guitarist / banjo player and member of 1960's Brisbane folk band The Seniors) gave him a copy of Russ Shipton's Complete Guitar Player at age 11.

Tom hasn't been very far from a guitar ever since. Straight out of high school and playing in working cover bands was the training ground for performing and songwriting. Moving to Brisbane in 1998 Tom has been plugging away at writing songs and trying find his own sound. HARMONICAS - Jamie McDonald has been a musician and Radio Host for the last 18 years. He has played with Australian Rock Music legends, the Androids. He is passionate about Blues. Jamie is famous for being one of the only radio people to work on air in France and Australia . He has worked as backline driver and translator for Zucchero and Axel Red for their 1996 European tour. Currently he is Hosting the Australian Music show on Triple M in Brisbane .

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