Dan Luscombe & The String Selection
Location: Sydney
Country: Australia

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Corporate Show

Dan Luscombe, Marimba extraordinaire, has teamed up with The String Selection to create a high impact, high energy spectacle of lights, power and intense musical virtuosity. Accompanied by these electric string players with model looks and a huge orchestral track, Dan Luscombe flies around the marimba at high speed leaving audiences breathless.



Dan Luscombe is a Sydney based percussion virtuoso with an intense level of classical training. He has performed with some of the world’s greatest musicians from rock stars to leading classical figures, including Tommy Emmanuel, The Whitlams, Human Nature, Tim Rogers, Tex Perkins, Evelyn Glennie and NEXUS. Dan Luscombe’s passion has taken him around the world and he has now turned his sights to mass entertainment. 

Collectively, Dan Luscombe & The String Selection bring a high level of professional experience to the stage and have had the privilege of entertaining thousands of audiences around the world from classical festival goers to fortune 500 companies. The only show of its kind anywhere on the planet, Dan Luscombe & The String Selection have created an alliance to pump ballrooms and stages around the world.

Having an event like this at any club, festival or corporate function will leave a lasting impression in the mind of every single audience member and guest!

While an impressive feature in any function this HIGH powered show can be tailored to the specific needs of the individual client with flexibility in size and length.

Playing to a MASSIVE orchestral/pop/dance track, shows may vary from 5 minutes (1 track) to 20 minutes (4-5 tracks) comprising of music by Vivaldi, Rachmaninoff and Paganini and more.

"This unique group of performers has the capacity to leave their audience spellbound. Their talent is absolutely amazing and they captivate your attention from the moment they appear on stage. Their artistic skills are unquestionable and their capacity to engage their audience enthralling. This group of outstanding performers is destined for great things." Dr. Lyn Bishop Australian Entrepreneur of the Year 2002

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