Location: Brisbane, Brisbane
Country: Australia

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SPLAT's PREMIERE PERFORMANCE is their COMEDY ACROBATIC BASKETBALL SLAMDUNKING SPECTACULAR, which leaves audiences amused and amazed with their Idiotically Awesome Acrobatic Antics.

A real crowd pleaser that performs all around the world and Australia. This performance combines Spectacular Trampoline Acrobatic Team Basketball Slamdunking, Tumbling, Acro Balances, audience participation, and gags that audiences of all ages love to see more than once. 


SPLAT! ROVING: "Here They Come, There they Go" Idiotic Acrobatic Antics.

SPLAT! weave their way through the crowd in unison, with their unique precision roving movement style, stopping only to perform comical interactions sprinkled with absurd acrobatics.

SPLAT! KOMICAL KEYSTONE KOPS, BUMBLING ACROBATIC CHRISTMAS ELVES, CARNIVALE STYLE PETER ALLEN TRY-HARDS, SPACED OUT ALIENS, ACROFATS, and more, are ideal for Royal Shows, Festivals, Shopping Centres, Corporate, Events, Local and International Performances. 

 These guys go anywhere and everywhere to create an atmosphere of awe and laughter. 

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