Adrian Thomas
Location: Melbourne
Country: Australia

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Bursting onto the music scene with confidence and determination Adrian Thomas is a Singer/Songwriter with a big voice and a …bright future. Adrian applies a breathtaking and upbeat stage presence to every performance. Blending uplifting, lyrically driven songs with sweeping melodies, his versatility in delivery of upbeat songs inspire and challenge, whilst his ballads open the heart strings. Adrian Thomas Music draws comparisons with the storyteller nature of Paul Kelly and the vibrancy of Keith Urban.

Growing up on the fringes of Melbourne and the Gold Coast this humble artist is no stranger to struggle, being raised in foster care and later by a single parent father, he took a leading role in the upringing of his younger siblings and the functioning of the home. Today he returns to the areas he grew up in as a Songwriting and a Martial Arts teacher. A Black Belt in Wing Chun Kung Fu he teaches the next generation of young people discipline and strength as well as expression of creativity/emotions through song. “My Dream is a world where we encourage understanding, support and give everyone equal opportunities to wake our dreams. I believe we are all capable of great things if we work hard, work together and don’t give up”.

With beautiful lyrics and stories that arouse hope and empowerment a strong connection to the country, Adrian synthesizes an earthy, uncomplicated sound and dishes out seductive poetry with his deep, soulful voice. When taking time out from the bustling city, Adrian likes to spend time in the bush and the sand, “Feeling the earth beneath my feet brings me closer to my Fijian roots”. Drawing on a plethora of life experiences, his songs cover everything from current social issues, navigating through the game of life, to letting your hair down on a Saturday night. Strong influences from artists like Darius Rucker to David Bowie can be heard in Adrian Thomas’ music, he uses the familiarity of the old with the vibrancy of the new to create distinctive, passionate, timeless, tunes.

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