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The Wolfe Brothers

The Wolfe Brothers are heading into 2022 on a high and full of optimism after almost 2 years away from doing what they love most about being musicians – playing their songs live for the fans.

The popular duo has earned themselves a solid reputation for their catchy singles and dynamic live shows. They constantly push the envelope with their songwriting, and delight fans with their honest approach. Now, the band are gearing up to tour and promote the release of their fifth studio album – their first international release through music juggernaut BBR / BMG – and it is a party from start to finish.

When the global pandemic swept across the world, it changed all the band’s plans and extended the timeframe to deliver their new record. “The pandemic completely changed the trajectory of this album and for the better,” says Nick Wolfe. “The line-up of songs changed dramatically; songs that would not have even existed had it not been for lockdown were created. The traditional process got thrown out the window as songs got written in online co-writes with writers around the world, parts were recorded remotely, and files sent around and pieced together. What you hear in the final product is a mix of it all. Some of it was recorded in the studio traditionally, some of it in bedrooms and even wardrobes! When you can’t get to a studio a wardrobe can make a great DIY vocal booth!”

The release of their fifth studio album Kids On Cassette on 30th July 2021 has definitely struck a chord with music fans around Australia, and now the 12-track release has garnered the duo an incredible seven nominations in the 2022 Golden Guitar awards.

Kids On Cassette was the highest chart debut of any of The Wolfe Brothers 5 albums, landing on the ARIA Official Country Album Chart at #1, the ARIA Official Australian Album Chart at #2 and the ARIA Official All Genre Chart at #6. An ARIA nomination in the 2021 awards followed for Best Country Album, as did a American Country Music Association International Award nomination in the Jeff Walker Global Country Artist Award, alongside artists from the UK, Sweden and Canada.

All of the singles from the album – No Brakes, Anybody Ever, Startin’ Something and Kids On Cassette – have earned acclaim from fans and critics alike. After achieving 16 consecutive #1 singles in their career it is no wonder that The Wolfe Brothers were one of the top played artists on Australian Country Radio in 2021, a pretty impressive title to have.

Now, there are even more reasons to celebrate with seven nominations in the Golden Guitar awards. This brings the boys nomination tally up to 24. They celebrated with a big win at the 2019 awards, taking home four Golden Guitars. For 2022 Australian Country Music Awards, the duo’s album Kids On Cassette has earned them Golden Guitar nominations in Toyota Album of The Year and Contemporary Country Album of The Year, the title track also snagged a nod for AMCOS Song of The Year and CMT Video of The Year. Other tracks from the release also shined, such as the collaboration with LOCASH which earned them a nomination for Vocal Collaboration of The Year. In addition, Small Town Song, which was co-written with Andrew Farriss has been nominated for Heritage Song Of The Year. The Wolfe Brothers have also been nominated for Country Music Capital News Group or Duo of the Year.

It is now just over ten years since The Wolfe Brothers captured the attention of the nation when they appeared on Australia’s Got Talent playing their original songs. Their popularity grew after every electric performance on the show and they were voted into 2nd place in the Final of the series. It was only a matter of a few months before they found themselves in a rehearsal studio in Sydney to audition to become Lee Kernaghan’s touring band, a position that if successful would take them all around Australia not only  playing with one of their childhood heroes but also opening up the shows and performing their music to sold out venues all around the nation. At the end of the second song of the audition Lee said “Boys, you have got the job!” This was the beginning of a great friendship and 10 very successful years playing and touring with Lee. This amazing opportunity, for which the boys will be eternally grateful to Lee, has enabled the brothers to create a strong fan base which allowed them to do  their own tours and festivals.

However all good things must come to an end and The Wolfe Brothers announced their last show playing in Lee’s band will be an outdoor winery event near their hometown of Hobart Tasmania in February 2022. It will be emotional for all concerned but the time has come for The Wolfe Brothers to focus on building their own career.

Music runs deep in the veins of The Wolfe Brothers and any history that doesn’t begin four generations ago isn’t quite complete. Brothers Nick and Tom Wolfe, have become renowned over the past few years for their jaw-dropping live shows and steady ascent to Australian country music’s upper echelon. Part of their rise has been due to talent, and a lot of it due to hard work. But the truth is “we come from four generations of farmers and musicians. We grew up and Tom still lives on the farm that has been in the family for over 120 years” Nick explains. Their father, Malcolm Wolfe, is the man who encouraged them to start playing and helped facilitate their first shows in their early teens. Malcolm was a rock drummer in the popular Tasmanian band Midnight Revival. Their grandfather played saxophone, touring around the brothers’ home state of Tasmania with a family band. And their great-grandfather was a fiddle player. It is this pedigree and the abundance of musical influences that were always around them at home on the farm throughout the brothers’ youth, combined with an innate musicality, that has resulted in the development of a unique yet embracingly familiar sound that is The Wolfe Brothers.

The Wolfe Brothers are…
Nick Wolfe – Vocals, Guitar
Tom Wolfe – Bass, Vocals
Casey Kostiuk – Drums
Brodie Rainbird – Guitar


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