2TC (Two To See)
Location: Coomera, Qld, Brisbane
Country: Australia

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Tyson Colman is a singer / composer of Country and Country Rock Music. Tyson has grown up with the true essence of Country Music, and this reflects in his highly emotive compositions. Tyson taught himself to play guitar when he was fifteen and began singing from the time he could talk. A strong baritone / tenor voice, now highly polished after five years of classical vocal training, he sings with a clean, unique quality that definitely makes you stop and listen. Tyson has been compared to Chris Isaak with his vocal style and looks, but definitely has a style that is all his own. Tineka Clark is a talented singer / songwriter with Country and Folk influences. Tineka brings a passion and a freshness to every performance that makes you feel something. A rare ability in this day of disposable music and artists. With a vocal quality that is so unique, there are no comparisons, although many have heard a similarity between Tineka and a young Janis Joplin, as well as a touch of Jewel and Tracy Chapman. 2TC perform music from the 50's through to Top 40 Hits, with songs suited to many different venues and functions, this talented Duo can provide quality musical entertainment for any occasion, from quiet Wedding receptions to a rocking Beergarden. Having over fifteen years combined performance experience, 2TC are in a strong position to provide a high standard of entertainment for your venue.

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